Three Furry Friends Steal Holiday Hearts in the Triad

During the holidays, homes all around the Triad are filled with traditions both old and new, like the sweet smells of baking cookies, trimming of the tree, and nestling in front of the fire to enjoy a movie or time together. In the Sharpe house, there are three little elves that often find their way into the hearts of visitors, and their names are Finley, Hutch, and Birkin.

For the past few years, Ashley McKenzie Sharpe has featured her beloved English Bulldogs in a holiday calendar that is treasured by business owners throughout Winston-Salem. But getting them to pose for the pictures is no easy task, says Sharpe. “This year, we wanted to put them in matching outfits themed to each month of the coming year. But trying to wrestle three bulldogs into sweaters is its own trip to the gym!” 

After collecting the outfits all year, including Panthers jerseys, Halloween costumes, tutus, and raincoats, it took a team of willing friends to make the photoshoot successful. Sharpe laughs when she recalls the scene, admitting, “They were such great sports about the whole thing. We had a bag of treats for them, but they enjoyed the attention. It really wasn’t until the hats came out for the final few pictures that it was obvious that they had had enough of our shenanigans.” 

Sharpe, a Branch Manager for NEO Home Loans, sends the calendars to some of her favorite Triad Realtors and business partners, on what began as a way to thank people at the end of each year for their partnership, and soon became a beloved tradition that people looked forward to every year. Sharpe says, “I just love how excited people start being in the fall about receiving their new calendar. It has grown from about 100 calendars in the beginning to a much larger effort!”

When she isn’t spending time with her “piggies,” as she lovingly calls the three dogs, her focus is helping people throughout North and South Carolina purchase homes in which to create their own memories. While the past few years have been hectic in the real estate market, Sharpe believes that 2023 is going to be a fantastic year to buy a home. 

“Rates being higher than they have been in years past is creating a challenge in the minds of some homebuyers right now, but there are so many programs and strategies available that will allow people to move into the home that they truly want while refinancing, when rates are lower.” Sharpe continues, “If you find yourself this holiday season without enough space to accommodate guests, or if your New Year’s Resolution is to buy a home, there are some excellent opportunities we can show you.”

Sharpe’s husband happens to own a local business that comes in quite handy for Ashley’s calendars each year, as well. Zach Sharpe of Sharpe Printing knows that he has a very big order on his hands every year from his favorite customer featuring their fur babies. Ashley disclosed, “I can’t wait to see this year’s calendar. I think it’s going to be my favorite yet.”

The calendars will be distributed along with holiday cheer during the week of Christmas. If you would like to be entered to win one of the calendars featuring the Sharpe bulldogs, scan the QR code below.


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