The House Witch: Four Lessons to Redirect Contentment

Have you ever closed your eyes and wished a magical being would come to clean your home, while promoting energy, creativity, and a place of refuge?  Some would gladly welcome these brownies, fairies, or witches!  As we open our eyes, the inevitable happens. We alone must carry the challenge of enhancing the beauty of our hearth and home! The “house witch” is the modern-day woman or icon, a being of empowerment and skill. Her magic instills beauty, peace, and nourishment for all who dwell within.

The Hearth

Living your life is a spiritual act.  The routine of day-to-day activities ends, to begin anew. We often go to the one place that provides spiritual comfort.  Throughout the ages, it has been the hearth.  The place at the center of our living space.  Children stood near to receive warmth, and women gathered to stir pots, while men enjoyed warmed loaves of bread.  Today, the comforting glow of the fireplace brightens the darkness and brings everyone to the present moment—aware, and together.

Lesson 1:  It’s easy to think about the million and one things that pull you in four directions. Start practicing the spiritual principles of “Hearthcraft” by channeling your positive energy to a peaceful place.  Say a prayer and focus on your positive intentions.  Even the simple tasks can nurture your soul.

The Kitchen

In German and Scandinavian traditions, a homemade witch astride a broom is hung in kitchens as a charm of luck and protection.  The doll’s body is often comprised of dried apples, the remaining season’s cornstalks, and is draped with a cloth. The kitchen, once a location of eating and washing, food preservation and candle making, spinning and weaving, and childcare, soon changed in size and purpose; yet, this well-cherished talisman remained to ward off misfortunes, such as cooking disasters. Every action, from combining ingredients to stirring, creates a form of magic.  We take for granted that our daily effort has the power to nurture every member of the house.

Lesson 2:  If the kitchen equates to high levels of stress, redirect your energy through tools, utensils, and small appliances.  Through frequent use, you can begin to think how each tool impacts your spiritual mind.  A knife represents focus and precision, while a can opener removes barriers. Use the application of handheld mixers to redirect your energy to intentional steadiness!

Lesson 3:  Food plays a significant role in our lives. We use expressions, such as “made with love,” or, “cooked with heart and soul.” Meal preparation exists with spiritual awareness and can be performed in a relaxed, focused manner.

  • Think about the act of washing your hands as cleansing undesired energy.
  • Always sit down to eat to honor the food and the people seated around the table.
  • Light a candle, if possible, to redirect the minds of everyone gathered.

Items of Protection

Is fortune connected to a physical object or a color?  Perhaps you carry a four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot, wear amethyst or a lucky pair of red socks.  You can use natural items, from trees and plants to stones and bells, for the same purpose.  Did you know an oak tree planted in your yard defends against physical harm, while a Birch tree symbolizes protection for children?  Knowing the representation may incite a feeling of blessing.

  • Start researching the stones and gems you wear frequently.
  • Do you have symbols of luck in your home, such as elephants, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, rainbows, or lucky bamboo?
  • You may have wind chimes on your porch, not realizing they guard against intruders and negative energy!

Lesson 4:  Purification of a home is a sacred technique. It’s more than just cleaning or removing dust. Some cultures use sage to combine smoke with spirituality. Burning incense or a candle brings forth a blessing.  Cinnamon links to productivity, while lavender encourages peace.  Through every action, despite the word “cleaning,” you are purifying, cleansing, and ridding the home of negative energy!

For more information, check out Erin Murphy-Hiscock’s books, The Green Witch, The House Witch, and  The Witch’s Book of Self-Care.



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