Surviving “Summeritis”!

May! Such a small word with a great connotation of expectation and anticipation!  For students, it tempts the mind to desire a new schedule: more sleep, fun, and great freedom!  Only one difficulty stands in the way of surrendering to “Summeritis”—school.  Yes, despite the few remaining weeks, school is still in session, and the daily routine and focused mind are still needed.  If you fear your child or teen needs guidance through the final weeks of school, the following strategies may be life savers!

A New Location to Complete Homework.  The outdoors is an alluring place.  Why not take books, notebooks, and needed supplies to the deck or lawn to complete homework?  Some students may find the outdoors the ideal place to concentrate.  Fighting the need to be outdoors may result in frustration, wasted time, and energy!

Keep Track of Priorities.   Before each study session, make a written promise to yourself by writing down the key objectives you wish to complete.  While our favorite subjects are often taken up first, try saving them for last.  Don’t forget to factor in breaks.  With longer days of daylight, students may find walking the dog or going for a bike ride rejuvenating to the soul!  And, with every task completed, take pride in crossing off each one.

Younger students may benefit from listing the goals of their homework session.  As a reward, consider a special treat, naming the evening’s dinner, listening to a favorite song, or perhaps engaging in a special activity before bed.  For parents: if tears occur, take a break, provide a pep talk, and return.  If challenging behavior continues, e-mail the teacher to alert him or her to the situation, and ask for guidance.

Catch Up Day.  While Sunday is a day to relax, it can also be a valuable time to catch up on studying, reading, or completing projects. The goal is truly in sight.  Allow the weekend to ease your weekdays.  Plan your time well!

Maintain a Positive Attitude.   The house may need to enact a rule stipulating that questions can be asked, but not screamed, yelled, or stated through stomping.  House rules are important components of every family interaction. In the spring, when stress levels have reached a maximum capacity, help can be given, if asked for.  Through positive words, students can convey exactly what troubles they are having, and perhaps be able to find their own solutions.

A Good Night’s Rest.  With warmer weather comes a new level of exhaustion to the body.  It could be connected to extracurricular practices, study sessions, or staying up later than usual.  The body ultimately needs rest.  If students find they have difficulty waking in the morning, it is one sure sign to consider turning in earlier.

End of Year Tests.  Breathe, dear students!  The end-of-year tests are an important aspect of your completion of school.  Stress and anxiety are factors which will hurt your chances of doing well.  Keep reading every night.  Ask questions and pay close attention to your teachers.  Remember all the hints and suggestions you have learned throughout the year!  The only additional tip is to eat a good breakfast the morning of testing, and sleep well at night.  A positive attitude will ensure you will do great!  Keep those spirits high!

Exams.  The hard truth is that procrastination and cramming are not suggested methods to achieve success.  The goal of exams is to knowthe information, and well.  One question to consider is, how many subjects require a dedicated effort?  Create a plan to study, starting today, for 20 minutes, either two or three days a week. Use your strategies!  Start rewriting notes and talking out loud to learn the content.  Begin correcting all quizzes, and attending any after-school studying sessions! Every effort will help your success! Think positively!

End on a High Note.  Since August, students have made substantial progress.  Goals may have focused on reading and comprehension, writing or math, organizational and time management skills, listening and taking notes, studying and test taking.   While the changes may not be noticeable, now is time to reflect on all of the achievements and successes gained this year!  This is one moment heightened by inspiration.  Do not stop now!  All students will have to finish the year with their best effort, ending on a high note! Good luck!



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