How to Sell Your House: A Conversation with Jody Peske

The most complicated financial transaction you’ll ever have will be the sale of your house.  Thankfully for the Triad, we have a local real estate guru and all-around awesome person, Jody Peske, to give some guidance on how to sell your home. She agreed to sit down with Forsyth Familyand share her expertise with our readers.

DH:  What do you do?

JP:  I work as both a buyer’s and seller’s agent through Keller Williams.  I’ve been in the real estate industry since 2005, but beyond that, I moved seven times in a 14-year period!  That much moving will give you a definite voice of experience!

DH:  I’m sure it would!  We’ve all heard the terms “Buyer’s Market” and “Seller’s Market.”  Where are we right now?

JP:  This is a definite seller’s market!  In fact, it’s a great time to list your home if you’ve been considering a change. Inventory is low, and owners are getting the most value for their homes that we’ve seen in the last ten years!

DH:  So I assume great pictures are a must to attract a good buyer?

JP:  Yes, but it’s no longer enough.  While sellers have the advantage, buyers are savvy and have specific wants.  I tell my clients, “There’s only one first impression! Let’s make it the best one!”

DH:  So how does a seller make a great first impression?

JP:  “Curb appeal” has always been a number-one tip in my industry.  I recommend removing any yard clutter, including toys, newspapers, yard tools, etc.  Pet bowls, dog houses, pet toys should be cleaned and organized.  Park the car in the garage or on the street to leave the driveway clear.  Obviously, sellers need to keep their yard in great shape with a good mowing and trimming. And a splash of color with potted plants can make a world of difference on a front porch!

DH:  Great suggestions!  I’m sure you have tips for the interior, too?

JP:  Absolutely! The important thing for sellers to realize is that they need to have a change in mindset.  Since they plan to sell the house, they can no longer think of it as “home.”  This is hard to do, especially if someone has lived in the sample place for years.  But, you have to look at a house that’s going to be sold through the eyes of a potential buyer.

Beds should always be made, and the dishes shouldn’t be left in the sink.  Trashcans should be emptied.  Closets should be organized, and the house should be de-cluttered.  Preparing to list a house requires some time and work, but the good thing is, doing it before listing the house actually makes packing a lot easier!

I also recommend re-painting extreme colors to make the house more neutral.  While it may seem counter-productive to paint rooms that you’re preparing to leave, neutral colors help a potential buyer see themselves in a home.  It’s less of you and your family and giving the buyer a chance to see themselves in the space.

DH:  What else should a seller think about?

JP:  It really helps us out if a seller has kept great records.  We need to know how old the furnace and A/C is….  If a seller replaced the roof within recent years, that’s important information.  Has the hot water heater been updated?  Are the appliances staying?  Those kinds of details enable us to showcase amenities that are attractive to buyers.

DH:  How does all of this help the selling process?

JP:  Real estate transactions are so multi-faceted, the more the seller is willing to help on the front end generally helps things go better throughout the [whole] process.  A seller is more likely to get more bang for their buck with a bit of preparation on the front end.  They get a highly motivated and excited buyer who is willing to offer more.  And as I said earlier, the house is organized and in better shape for packing and moving when closing comes around.

DH:  Jody, thank you so much for sharing these tips!  How can our readers get in touch with you with other questions they might have?

JP:  It’s my pleasure!  I’m happy to help and more than happy to answer other questions.  I can be reached at 336.918.7496 or  Anyone who is interested can also visit me online at  I’d also welcome readers to like my Facebook page: “Jody Peske Keller Williams Realty.”




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