Bullying: Is My Child a Victim or a Bully?

Bullying is a mainstream problem in today’s schools and can be defined as “using aggression and influence to intimidate and control others.” Children are exposed to negative comments, criticism, and discrimination towards themselves or others through television, social media, and the news. They observe how people treat others and think it is okay to do […]

A Year of Change and Growth

In all the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones, there are moments when the beginning weeks of school may feel overwhelming.  Leaving behind the low-key days of late risings and few obligations, we need time to adapt to the giant learning curve of new expectations and schedule, opportunities and big decisions.  One […]

What to Know Before College: For Moms, Dads, and Students

Going to college is stressful—for parents and students. The following are the lessons my parents and I share with you that we have learned through fall semester, 2017– June 2018 at UNC-Chapel Hill and at home. FOR MOM AND DAD: 1.   YOUR DAYS OF PARENTING ARE NOT OVER There is a transition when your child enters college. […]

AlphaBEST Education: A Best Employer in North Carolina

AlphaBEST Education, a before and after school enrichment provider based in Lewisville, NC, is committed to delivering top-notch programming to its students. The company knows that in order to deliver on this promise, they need to first make sure they’re bringing the best talent possible onto their team. “AlphaBEST is a company that’s grown exceptionally […]

Success In Life Is A Co-Brainer

Moriah’s future is looking bright. But it almost didn’t happen. Moriah was fortunate. Because of Family Services’ partnership in the Pediatric Holistic Health Initiative at the Wake Forest Downtown Health Plaza, Moriah’s mom heard about the child development programs and services at Family Services and enrolled her daughter in Head Start, an evidence-based program that […]

“Can I touch it?” “Can I taste it?” The Many Advantages of Sensory Play

At a young age, most people learn about the five senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. While these feelings allow children to become aware of their surroundings and the world around them, they can also be incorporated into a child’s play to help his or her growth and development. Sensory play, as it is […]

Exploring the World through Geography

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to drop your daily routine and go on a yearlong excursion around the world?  In those experiences when we walk streets, see landmarks, and begin to connect with the topography, a worldly awareness begins to form. Learning about geography begins with the mere interest in a far-away destination, such as the […]

Open House and First Meetings

The “Back to School” season is being blared in bold-print banners, commercials and advertisements; in addition, by children, who are openly curious about the uncertainty of a new year.  While parents are reassuring children in calm voices and answering questions, you, too, will wonder, “Is she going to have a great year?”  One of the […]

Four Tips for Back-To-School

As the dog days of summer near an end, a reminder: back to school season is starting. The southern United States spends the most and the earliest for school – with 70% of shoppers in the region starting before August and an average spend of $554 per child, on according to consultancy firm Deloitte. Savvy […]

“Out and About” in Winston-Salem with Forsyth Family’s Kids Morning Out

This month, we would like to share some photos from Forsyth FamilyMagazines’ June Kids’ Morning Out (KMO). We missed posting due to the event being held late in the month. Every month, Forsyth Family hosts a Kids’ Morning Out event.  Generally, they are free events held throughout the city at various kid-friendly locations.  Rarely, there may […]

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