Preventing And Combatting Cancer

The staggering statistics may scare us, with approximately one in three Americans estimated to develop some form of cancer in the course of a lifetime. But, we can also set aside our fears of cancer and focus on progress and advancements in science and technology. Great gains are being made in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer.


Start up your engine by getting motivated and inspired to survive and thrive. It takes hard work and commitment to avoid and fight cancer, but it’s worth the effort. Stay abreast of cancer survivors’ stories as an important source of inspiration. And turn your passion into action. Help someone else struggling with cancer and support the organizations on the front lines of the cancer cause. Spread awareness, volunteer, and donate. Utilize creativity and provide encouragement with the skills, gifts, and resources you can uniquely bring to the table. 


Envision yourself as the person you want to become—healthy, healed, and happily cancer-free. Align your heart, mind, and spirit as you harness the power of your mind and thoughts. Let your brain benefit your body. Research confirming health benefits related to positivity, mindfulness, and spirituality can lengthen longevity.


Be realistic and focus on exactly what you want to achieve. It’s hard to get to where you want to go if you don’t know what you’re working with. So, conduct a basic assessment of your life and lifestyle. Think in terms of what to minimize (-) and focus on what to add (+). Be real with yourself about what aspects may be hindering your health. It’s not always easy or a quick fix to break bad habits or to form new healthier ones, so be patient with the process. No need to aim for perfection. Just focus on doing your best; do what you can do and make peace with the rest. 


  • Smoking – Poisons in tobacco can weaken the immune system, which can lower your body’s defense of cancer, colds, COVID, and other illnesses and diseases.
  • Drinking alcohol in excess – A chemical in alcohol, called acetaldehyde, can damage a cell’s DNA that can lead to proliferation and tumor growth. 
  • Environmental toxins (radiation and pollution).
  • Chemicals (household and beauty products) – Many EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) are lurking in commonly used cosmetics and cleaning products, so substitute them with purer and more natural ingredients (try DIY).
  • Stressors – Be mindfully aware of what causes you stress and anxiety. Simply making better choices, such as avoiding rush-hour  traffic, resolving conflicts, and not taking on too many projects can help.
  • Lack of sleep – Skimping on sleep has an adverse effect on the brain and body that can make us more susceptible to cancer and other illnesses. 
  • Negativity – Limiting contact with people who are negative is a good idea. 
  • Tap water (unfiltered) – Don’t drink water straight from the faucet unless there is a filtration system attached.


  • Nutrients (healthy diet) superfoods – You know what to do! “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates
  • Hydration (water and teas) – Flushing toxins out of the body energizes the body and brain. 
  • Spices and adaptogens 
  • Prebiotics and probiotics 
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • Physical fitness – Just 30 minutes of physical activity can keep the doctor away, lower your cancer risk, and boost your health. 
  • Body conditioning (yoga and tai chi) and strength/resistance training 
  • Rest and relaxation 
  • Prayer and meditation 
  • Massage (aromatherapy and reflexology)
  • Mindfulness and gratitude 

Good news! Aside from factors we can’t control, we have the power to lessen our risk of developing cancer, catch it earlier, and combat and curtail it. Adopting a more positive outlook, forming healthier habits, and screening regularly can help keep cancer in check, help our health, and improve our lives. 





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