Pool Noodles: The Hidden DIY Heroes of Summer

When you hear the words “pool noodle,” you may be met with an immediate vision of familiar colorful styrofoam contraptions waving in the water. These giant tubes are often privileged by experiencing a child’s ability to turn them into everything from medieval swords to giant imaginary sea horses! But what about adult imaginations? Surely, there are a plethora of exciting pool noodle possibilities just waiting to be discovered!

What you may not realize is that these commonly used, affordable pool toys are actually something of a DIY Superstar! Since they can be difficult to find in stores outside of the summer months, this is a perfect time to find a pool noodle project of your own to tackle! From everyday hacks that improve little areas of your life to creative craft projects, here are 15 out-of-the-box ideas to employ using pool noodles. 

  1. Computer Wrist Rest – slice a pool noodle in half and cut to the length of your keyboard for a comfortable ergonomic wrist option. 
  2. Boot Shapers – Cut a pool noodle to match the height of your favorite boots and stuff them inside, when not being worn, to help keep your boot shape throughout the seasons.
  3. Colorful Summer Garland – add a pop of color to your decorations by slicing 1” wide circles of alternating color pool noodles, stringing them together in a pattern and hanging.
  4. Wreath Form – Curve your pool noodle into a perfect circle, taping or hot gluing the ends together. Once cooled, you can wrap in a favorite fabric print or burlap and decorate.
  5. Beverage Boat – Fill a small plastic container with a few beverages for the pool with pool noodles cut to size, and string together around each corner to stay afloat and in reach.
  6. Door Bumper – Use an Exacto knife to cut a slit lengthwise in a 3” piece of pool noodle and place it on the edge of your door to avoid loud door slams.
  7. Wine Glass Markets – Identify whose drink is whose by cutting out different pool noodle shapes and colors 1” wide with a slit in the side to easily slip on and off glasses.
  8. Boundary Markers – Place bright pool noodles at appropriate heights to mark cutoffs in driveways, garages, farmland, and anywhere else vehicles need to know limitations. 
  9. Ladder Padding – Cut pool noodles horizontally to the width of your ladder step, with a lengthwise slit to pop on the metal steps where your legs will be leaning while working.
  10. Paint Stamps – Slice pool noodles in 1” circles, then dip in paint to create a fun stamp to make different designs and shapes with a fun texture.
  11. Cord Organizer – Place a lengthwise slit in your pool noodle and hide any unwanted cords inside, placing the noodle out of sight behind your furniture
  12. Crease-Free Hanger – Add 12”-14” of pool noodle with a lengthwise slit onto your hangers to avoid creasing bottoms when hanging up.
  13. Plant-Draining “Mulch” – Create better drainage for your potted plants by cutting up small chunks of your pool noodle and placing at the bottom of a pot before planting.
  14. Travel Wine Protectors – Using an Exacto knife, cut in a circular motion working your way down the length of the pool noodle, creating a spiral cut. Wrap the spiral noodle around wine bottles to keep them padded and safe, avoiding breakage. 
  15. Soccer Goal Game – Stick a pencil into the ground, placing the pool noodle hole over it and create an arch shape with the noodle; use a second pencil to hold the arch in place.

This summer, make sure to pick up a pool noodle or two when you’re out and about! You never know which of these hacks or DIY projects may be exactly what you need.


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