In Search of Waterfalls

Seated on the floor of a bookstore with our heads tilted right, my sister and I perused titles on North Carolina’s history, hoping to find adventure! As if the book […]

Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Recipes

As a kid, is there anything you look forward to more on the Fourth of July than fireworks and food? While you may be leaving the fireworks to the professionals, […]

Pool Noodles: The Hidden DIY Heroes of Summer

When you hear the words “pool noodle,” you may be met with an immediate vision of familiar colorful styrofoam contraptions waving in the water. These giant tubes are often privileged […]

July, a Month of Ice Cream

The combination of milk, cream, and sugar consistently tops the list of our favorite foods. Everyone has a particular favorite. Yours may be strawberry or vanilla, or two scoops, comprising […]


BY KELLY HINES WITH TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN Sometimes, it’s a truth said in the heat of an argument about nothing—”You’re on the computer all the time.” Sometimes, it is […]

Walking and Sitting Moves

Ellen Knight, looking ahead to her 65th birthday, noticed a sharp pain in her lower back.  She found mobility, moving from a sitting to a standing position or climbing and […]

July’s American Historical Moments

Patriotism is a concept that brings people together.  In July, especially, the feeling emanates with the reminder of how “We the People” live in a safe, well-defended free nation.  The […]

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