Piedmont Sheet Metal: A Legacy Founded on Family & Faith

We all love a great feel-good story – one that inspires and connects us to the people in our community. And at Piedmont Sheet Metal, that story began in 1947 when 17-year-old Bill Cook took a job at Piedmont Sheet Metal. Little did he know that he was building the foundation for a family legacy that, 75 years later, would continue to impact the community.  

Piedmont Sheet Metal President Connie Miller, is Bill Cook’s daughter. She shared, “My father spent 17 years working for the original owner, Mr. Rothrock. He married my mom, built a house and started a family while earning an honest living, perfecting his understanding of the trade and earning the respect of his colleagues and peers. Indeed, he was so well-respected that when Mr. Rothrock was ready to retire in 1964, he offered the business to my father. We have continued as a family owned and operated business ever since.”

Mr. Cook passed away in 2021, but his hard work continues through the efforts of his children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and employees – who are all treated like family. The example he set continues to make Piedmont Sheet Metal a trusted resource in the Triad.

Piedmont Sheet Metal is a full-service HVAC company that offers both residential and commercial services. While the name can be confusing – and is even a bit of a mystery to the owners themselves (who don’t know why the original owner named it Piedmont Sheet Metal), they also offer custom sheet metal design.

Longevity in Business

“The best heat and air company in the NC. When they send their crew, they always clean up the mess and leave it cleaner than before. Just reading how long they have been in business speaks for itself.” ~ Jo W.

Connie said, “When it comes to HVAC service, customers ultimately want the same things:  quality work at a fair price by people who know what they are doing. The longevity of Piedmont Sheet Metal speaks to all of that, plus it reflects the loyalty of decades of customers who know they can trust the company to do right by them.

“My dad was a humble man who demonstrated hard work and fair practice in the business. No one wants to need an HVAC provider, but when they do – my dad made sure to make the experience easy for them. As a result, we’ve enjoyed the loyalty of some families for 40 and 50 years, including prominent families that are the backbone of Winston-Salem! We are incredibly honored to be so trusted by families – one generation at a time.”

Customer Service

“PSM installed my heating system, and from the very beginning, their customer service has been amazing. The salespeople worked with me to get the model I wanted; the installers were prompt and effective, and everybody was always willing to answer my questions. From when you call the office and actually speak to a real person to the friendly and efficient service people, I have never been disappointed with the level of attention and care this company gives. I would highly recommend it.” ~ Allison T.

“Charles Dickens once said, ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another,’” quoted Connie. “At Piedmont Sheet Metal, we want to ease the burdens of outdated and broken HVAC systems and provide our customers with a great experience.  

“That means every person from the initial call to the installation to the billing has to be a great customer service representative. We are all representing the business; it doesn’t fall to one department to offer great customer service. It’s a collective, team approach, and we take that very seriously. It’s how we’ve operated from the very beginning and how we will continue to operate.”

Great Pricing and Quality

“We were beyond pleased with their professionalism and service. Their office contact, Karissa, was thorough and knowledgeable. Their pricing and product quality were the best we found. We were pleasantly surprised when they were done within half the time expected!” ~ Alicia C.

“Ensuring our customers understand the pricing and trusting us to deliver quality is an essential function of our business,” Connie explained. “HVAC systems can get very expensive, and we respect our customers’ budgets. Moreover, we respect their time. We want to provide exceptional quality of service by installing exceptional products while doing it all at an exceptionally fair price.  

“We know our customers don’t necessarily want to call us. After all, who wants to have issues with their HVAC system? But, while we know they don’t want to call us, we’ll make sure they are glad they did.”

Family Owned & Operated

“Have been using Piedmont Sheet Metal for over 30 years.  Good family-owned company.” ~ John D.

Connie shared, “There are a lot of misconceptions about family owned businesses. But, at Piedmont Sheet Metal – nothing is given just because of a family relationship. Everything is earned; our family members start in the business just like everyone else. We work into roles, and as a result, we have a dynamic team of hardworking professionals. Some of whom just happen to be related to each other.  

“We currently have 45 employees and my brother-in-law, Phil Lanier, is our most senior employee,” Connie continued. “He started with us 50 years ago when he was in high school, starting with the junior achievement program.  

“Additionally,” she said, “we have Eddie Cook, one of the cousins in our family, serving as a corporate officer Vice-President. As a company stock owner, Eddie worked his way up through the company with 32 years under his belt. These days, he oversees the Commercial Installation Department, and his story is another testament to the strong family ties our business is built on.

“So, while we have a lot of family working at Piedmont Sheet Metal, our employees recognize that we’re a team and we’re all here to do our part. We also work hard to treat our employees (and our customers) like family.”

Team Environment

“This is a family oriented company. They treat you like family and are very employee-oriented. I left the company to care for my father, and they supported me and understood my situation. They are good Christian people.” ~ Former Employee

“Our team is a rare breed,” said Connie. “We have so many skills and talents in our organization. We have people who can do construction, plumbing and electric – the whole gamut! And while we have departments and organizational structure – no one really has a job description. Titles mean very little because everyone pitches in and does as they are asked or takes the initiative to do what needs to be done.  

“Our culture includes strong work ethics, great attitudes, teamwork and a whole lot of humor. We love to laugh together and make the job fun.”

Residential & Commercial

“You guys are ROCK STARS! Servicing both my home and my business. Always prompt, always professional, great service and LOCALLY owned!” ~ Danny G.

“Piedmont Sheet Metal offers HVAC for both residential and commercial customers,” Connie said. “We are grateful that other local companies trust our business, and those customers are so happy with us – they invite us to their homes, too.  

“Additionally, we offer custom metal sheet work (as our name implies) for both homes and businesses. We create a lot of chimney caps for roofs, awnings, hoods and ranges.”

Connie said, “I’ve grown up with Piedmont Sheet Metal, and I’m so proud to be Bill Cook’s daughter and continue the same great business model he left for us. I am so proud of our team – their grit and tenacity, especially over the last few years, continue to inspire me.  

“I’m so proud that we didn’t have to go through a layoff during the pandemic. It was a rollercoaster ride, to be sure, but our team adapted constantly and consistently met the challenge.”

Connie mused, “As I continue to reflect on the history of our business, I know that no matter how hard my dad worked, our success comes down to this: prayer. We are a Christian company with Christian values. At our office, we begin every day with prayer. It’s the heartbeat of our operations, and as we like to say, ‘God hasn’t brought us this far only to bring us this far.’

“Few companies can operate the same way as Piedmont Sheet Metal. We’ve never compromised our standards of excellence, and we won’t do so in the future. Instead, we are looking to the future while standing firm on the roots of our past.”

Piedmont Sheet Metal is located at 801 North Broad Street in Winston-Salem. Call 336.724.7439, or visit online at PiedmontSM.com. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook! 


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