Piedmont Sheet Metal: A Legacy Founded on Family & Faith

We all love a great feel-good story – one that inspires and connects us to the people in our community. And at Piedmont Sheet Metal, that story began in 1947 when 17-year-old Bill Cook took a job at Piedmont Sheet Metal. Little did he know that he was building the foundation for a family legacy […]

Child Safety Series: 4th of July Fun

Each month, this series will provide important facts and tips surrounding child safety in an effort to support parents and caregivers as they navigate reducing risks and creating the safest environment possible for the children in their lives.  If you’re getting ready to celebrate our nation’s independence this month, make sure to take a moment […]

Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Baseball, bonfires, barbecue and beach trips! Summer in North Carolina is a time for families to be outdoors and on the move! And, never has this been truer than this summer, as we enjoy more and more opportunities for fun and gatherings in this post-pandemic era. Yet, with physical activity comes the unavoidable possibility for […]

Baked Just SO: That’s What They Said Edition

There’s nothing like a testimonial, right?  We seek recommendations on everything – from movies to stores to restaurants.  We value the feedback of others, and with that said – if you haven’t tried Baked Just SO in Winston-Salem, there are a ton of people in the community who highly recommend them.  With that said – […]

Preventing the Summer Slide: Creating a Summer Reading Challenge for Your Child

Researchers have found that children can lose up to two months of reading skills during the summer months if they don’t continue to read. It is also recommended that kids read a certain number of books over the summer depending on their age. Researchers with Scholastic state that about 19 books are recommended for children […]

My Truth-Full Life

This month brings us into the last half of the year and the edited edition of “My Grace-Full Life,” and this month—we’re talking about “My Truth-Full Life.” These days, “truth” is something that is treated as if it’s subjective. The idea of an “absolute truth” is highly frowned upon. People talk about personal truths or […]

Sweet! ‘Tis the Season for Sweet Summer Strawberries

STRAWBERRIES’ BOUNTIFUL BENEFITS FOR HEALTH & BEAUTY Research studies have linked consumption of strawberries with many heart healthy benefits, including lowering harmful oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, reducing inflammation, decreasing oxidative stress, and improving vascular function and blood lipid profile. Strawberries’ bright red coloring signals improved heart health since the anthocyanin pigments that give the […]

It’s A Grand Life – Summer Memories – Remembering Old, Making New

Some of my fondest memories took place during my childhood summers. The school year never ended before June 15th, unless that date was a Saturday or Sunday. The exception was my high school graduation which took place on June 9th, a week earlier than the rest of the students. Those last couple of weeks dragged, […]

What-If Presents the MacGyver Plan

What-if, the worrisome words, arrive in the conscious spinning topics from safety and financial security to loved ones and pet health. Asking, “What can I do?” leads to a proactive decision to invest time in the ultimate insurance policy – valuable life skills comprising security, shelter, food, water and medical care! In any emergency, from […]

When Your Parenting Styles Are at Odds…How to Find a Compromise?

Differing opinions on parenting is normal! It is possible for parents to have a strong, united relationship and still send a consistent message to their children. In fact, differing parenting styles can even be complementary. None of this can happen, however, without excellent communication and facing parenting challenges head on.  Without proper communication and a […]

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