Oct 2021 “From the Heart”

I’m writing this October installment of “From the Heart” on September 11th. The 20th anniversary of such a horrendous chain of events. I was remiss in mentioning it in my September note. What a surreal day it was. One that I feel sure anyone old enough to remember can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing that day. And, while this day will be forever etched in the memory bank, I will also remember the sense of community and cooperation. The fierce pride of being an American; putting aside all our differences to help and love each other. I think we could all use a little of that now!

Since 1985, October has been associated with breast cancer awareness. It’s hard to believe that in November it will be five years since I was diagnosed with stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, thyroid cancer was detected. After chemo, a double mastectomy, thyroidectomy and radiation, I’m blessed beyond words to still be here. Dr. Alexandra Thomas, Dr. Marissa Howard-McNatt, Dr. Karen Winkfield, Dr. Malcom Marks and the entire Wake Forest Baptist Health oncology team, I thank you! Ladies, please stay on top of your mammograms! And fellas, if you notice something, get it checked out. While rare, breast cancer can occur in men, too.       

October is our annual Fall Home issue and features the dynamic team collaboration between Blake Ginther and Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe. What a fun time we had shooting the cover in downtown Winston-Salem and Hutch was an amazingly patient model! Whether you’re looking to make a change or improve the one you’re currently living in, there’s sure to be something of interest in this issue for you!

Kids’ Morning Out is back! September KMO at Salem Gymnastics & Swim was a blast, and I almost cried as the adorable kids and parents walked up that day! We missed everyone so much! Be sure to check out our October event at the Hanes Park Tennis Courts on page 91.




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