Blake and Ashley: A Real Estate Pro and Mortgage Lender Moving the Triad!

It’s no secret that the real estate market is on fire, but even with strong numbers—buyers and sellers need a strong team to support them.  And when it comes to real estate pros, Blake Ginther and Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe are a dynamic duo who can guide, advise, and educate on all aspects of real estate—from start […]

Cheers! For Brenner Children’s: Making Dreams Come True

Every child has a vivid imagination about growing up and fulfilling their life-long dream, whether that’s becoming a doctor, teacher, interior decorator or fireman, but for many injured or sick patients at Brenner Children’s, that journey requires overcoming obstacles that no child or their family should have to face. All too often, especially in today’s […]

The Fear of Having Kids Far Apart

Some of us wait eagerly for those two pink lines, the flashing word “Pregnant” to come across the little stick. I remember finding out that I was pregnant with my son. I looked at my 13-year-old, and while my husband and I so badly wanted a baby, fear crept in. How am I going to […]

To the Friend I Never Knew I Needed—My Sister-in-Law

I remember having my daughter at 19; all the friends I once had, quickly vanishing. I’d see pictures of them all hanging out, going on trips, and living it up at college.  Me? I was still in college, working harder than I ever did to prove to myself, and to everyone else, that I could […]

Child Safety Series: Avoiding Halloween Hazards

Each month this series will provide important facts and tips surrounding child safety in an effort to support parents and caregivers as they navigate risks and attempt to create the safest environment possible for the children in their lives.  Halloween comes with magic and excitement for children, but unfortunately it can also come with many […]

The ICON Angle

Ever wondered what goes into a renovation project?  Here’s what the ICON Custom Builders team has to say: BRINGING THE DESIGN TO LIFE Chuck and I will set up an initial meeting to preview the home and get a better understanding of the clients’ design taste and hopes for the renovation. Once the design agreement […]

“Out and About” in Winston-Salem with Forsyth Tech

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Blaze, Forsyth Technical Community College’s new mascot! Blaze, a two-toned gray fox that is native to North Carolina, will lead the Forsyth Tech Trailblazers as they forge new paths forward in our community. Blaze will represent Forsyth Tech’s 9 campuses and diverse student body of 21,000, and […]

Eliminating Pests in the Home

Gary Lawson’s Far Side comic provided a world filled with uncomfortable social situations through surrealistic humor.  You may recall the illustration, or one similar, of Ed and Barbara welcoming the beetle family, accompanied by suitcases, at their front door.  What does Barbara say? “I’ll get the coffee on!”  The moment is inevitable. Seasonal invaders arrive […]

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