Blake and Ashley: A Real Estate Pro and Mortgage Lender Moving the Triad!

It’s no secret that the real estate market is on fire, but even with strong numbers—buyers and sellers need a strong team to support them.  And when it comes to real estate pros, Blake Ginther and Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe are a dynamic duo who can guide, advise, and educate on all aspects of real estate—from start to finish.

“Blake and I have been working together for years,” said Ashley. “These days—my agency averages 150 – 200 loans per year from Blake’s group of real estate professionals. As a result, we’ve developed a great synergy to support the families we serve.”

“Agreed,” chimed in Blake. “It’s a known truth that the real estate industry is booming, and coupled with great interest rates, many are looking for new homes.  The Ginther Group has a great deal of trust in Ashley and her team, so we refer our buyers to her all the time.”

All great partnerships start with great business, though.  And The Ginther Group of Keller Williams Realty Elite and The Sharpe Mortgage Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation are no exception.

The Ginther Group of Keller Williams Realty Elite

“I have been in real estate for 18 years and opened The Ginther Group eight years ago,” explained Blake. “Real estate is a field that is very intriguing to many, but like anything, ‘one size does not fit all.’”

“My approach,” he continued, “Is rooted in listening.  No two real estate transactions are ever the same, and the search for the perfect home starts with listening to a person/family’s needs and wants.  Then, I present my clients with their options.”

Blake shared, “One of the things I’ve noticed in real estate is that some realtors hesitate to talk to their clients about re-sell of a home, or they are so fixated on closing the deal, they don’t present the buyers with the best solutions to their unique needs.  My team’s approach has uniquely positioned us to be the top-selling team in the Triad.  We aren’t out to sell a house just for the sake of selling a house.  We genuinely want our clients to find a home that fits them.”

“We also want our clients to trust their decision. That’s one of the reasons we love referring business to Ashley.  She can look at the numbers and help our clients feel confident in their purchase. She’s honest about affordability and always goes the extra mile to find the right loan to fit their needs.  Ashley and her team aren’t just about teaching them how to buy a home, but coaching them through the financial overview of the process.”

The Sharpe Mortgage Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

“People often assume that my business is all about the numbers,” said Ashley. “And yes—to a large extent, that’s true.  However, the foundation of my business is all about relationships, and you can’t have strong relationships without trust.  My team and I do not take it for granted that we are working with individuals and families during one of the most strenuous and stressful times in their lives. We’re dealing with the largest purchase most people ever make, which causes tempers to be short, anxieties to be high, and fears to be real.”  

“Our job is to help our clients feel at ease…. We don’t want them to worry about the paperwork.  The paperwork side of our job is extremely overwhelming, but we deal with it every day.  We are familiar with the ins and outs of the ever-changing mortgage industry.  We know lender requirements and the products available for home buyers. When we can take the ‘fear’ out of the process, we know we’re doing our jobs well.”

Ashley continued, “Of course, it starts with the real estate agent. By the time the client comes to us, Blake has already done an exceptional job of building a rapport with them, and they trust him.  Because they trust him, and he trusts me, the lending process can start from a good place.  My team and I are thankful for the trust Blake gives us to take care of the purchase loans and help his clients navigate this part of the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

Industry Pros & Repeat Business

Blake and Ashley are noted professionals in their respective lines of work. “While we share an industry,” Blake said, “We approach things from opposite ends. I’m on the front end working the sale, while Ashley is on the back end closing the deal.  Both of us have worked hard to get where we are doing what we love doing.”

Ashley shared, “I couldn’t agree more.  We are helping people make a purchase so they can make a life and a home. There’s a weighty responsibility that comes with that. I’ve spent 17 years in the business, and at this point, we have a lot of repeat and move-up buyers.  That business is incredibly rewarding, as I know it is for Blake too.”

“Absolutely,” Blake said. “It is a tremendous honor when clients come back.  We know they have options, and their repeat business is the best kind of endorsement we can get.  These are the clients who not only trusted us once, they’ve trusted us again.  And sometimes again after that!”

Blake and Ashley are both committed communicators who seek to serve. “We can’t be good at our jobs if we don’t communicate,” said Ashley. “It’s a signature component of why Blake and I work well together.”

“We definitely communicate well, and that just adds to our trust-equity in the eyes of our clients,” said Blake. “Ashley is an extended part of our team, and we are thankful that we can co-serve our clients through the process…from start to finish.”  

Whether you’re shopping for a home or trying to sell one, contact Blake Ginther at The Ginther Group of Keller Williams Realty Elite, located at 1100 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Call 336-283-8689. Visit online at Be sure to like or follow Blake on Facebook and follow Blake’s team on Instagram (@ginthergroup).

For trusted financial advice on your new home journey, contact Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe (NMLS #100776) at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, located at 2098 Frontis Plaza Blvd in Winston-Salem. Call 336-575-9448 or online at Be sure to like or follow Ashley on Facebook and Instagram.  Copyright©2021 Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.  NMLS#2289.  4750 S. Biltmore Lane, Madison, WI. 53718, 1-866-912-4800.  All rights reserved.  Other restrictions and limitations may apply.  Equal Housing Opportunity.


What to Expect in Real Estate

Everyone continues to watch and wonder about the real estate market.  The market is strong, despite the challenges of COVID.  While inventory shortages remain low, Blake does not see a significant issue in the future and expects to see inventory level off by Summer 2022.  Moreover, Ashley feels confident that the industry will remain strong.  Lending is handled much differently than it was before the crash of ’08, and those added layers of the process are expected to help protect the industry as a whole.  

Blake Ginther

Blake, originally from Ohio, was drawing houses from the time he was six years old. His heart has been in real estate since, literally, as long as he can remember… Although there were several years in between that Blake lived out his other dream as an actor in NYC! He and his wife, Tobi, met on the stage and eventually made their way down to NC. They share two wonderful children and the newest addition to their family, a Berniedoodle named Juneau.  Blake feels very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community in Winston-Salem doing what he loves the most! 

Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe

Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe is a Kentucky native who, for the last 30 years, has called North Carolina home!  She and her husband, Zach Sharpe, have been married for 14 years and they share a home in Advance with their four dogs — Finley, Hutch, Birkin, and Boone.  Before working in the mortgage industry, Ashely worked in retail where she developed a love for fashion that continues today.  She loves working with her dynamic team, which includes her twin sister, Jennifer Kaydas, and her younger sister, Cara Zimmerman.


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