Piedmont Federal Savings Bank: Opening Doors for Triad Families, Homes and Businesses

Is your child’s piggy bank beginning to overflow? Maybe it’s time to store your child’s savings in an account at your local bank. Are your parents getting older and in need of a home with more accessible features? After a year of working from home, are you looking to upgrade your living space or start a new business? Fortunately, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is here to help you with all of your financial needs. From personal loans to borrowing with business in mind, the team at Piedmont Federal knows what’s right for you.

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is family friendly, providing savings options for customers of all generations at any of its locations throughout the Triad. In fact, customers are able to open a youth savings account from the time a child or loved one is born, complete with perks as the amount in the savings account increases over time. In addition to opening a savings account, parents can also open joint checking accounts as their loved ones get older.

Another facet of Piedmont Federal’s suite of family oriented services is the option to take out a family member mortgage loan. With this type of loan, borrowers can purchase a home for adult children just starting out or aging parents in need of a new living arrangement. Chief Experience Officer Ginger Salt believes Piedmont Federal is the ultimate family bank in the Triad community. Piedmont Federal follows customers throughout all phases of their lives, standing by them as they build their savings, buy their homes and grow their businesses.

For more than 100 years, Piedmont Federal has focused on helping customers build savings and finance homes, and has recently expanded to offer business banking capabilities to its customers. The bank carries a selection of business-based lending services, including commercial real estate, equipment financing and lines of credit. Conveniently, the bank was also able to assist small business owners with the process of navigating PPP loans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Ginger, Piedmont Federal branched out into business lending at the request of its customers. “Many of our customers loved the fact that we are a local bank and wanted to support their businesses,” explains Ginger. “At Piedmont Federal, we strive to open doors for members of our community, and adding business-based services allows us to open even more doors for our customers.”

Piedmont Federal’s five critical values are imperative to its mission in serving the community, customers and teammates. Being authentic, building caring relationships, doing what’s right, going “all in,” and moving forward guide how the bank does business. Throughout the course of the pandemic, Piedmont Federal was able to stick to its roots and maintain personal interaction with customers at a safe distance. The bank pivoted and quickly introduced new technology, such as video banking services with a mobile app, and even upgraded its telephone systems to reroute calls to employees’ home offices. Additionally, Piedmont Federal is now offering instant issue, contactless debit cards, eliminating the need for customers to wait days to receive their debit cards in the mail.

Aside from banking services, Piedmont Federal partners with more than 50 organizations with contributions, volunteerism and support. The team at Piedmont Federal works alongside many local organizations, including participating in two campaigns each year for Senior Services, which raises donations for seniors in need in order to allow them to continue living at home. Piedmont Federal also aids Winston-Salem Street School by teaching high school students financial literacy in preparation for the future.

Interested in taking advantage of the great services and rates at Piedmont Federal Savings Bank? Visit one of its many local branches in-person, or set up a virtual video banking call by visiting piedmontfederal.bank. For the latest news and updates, check the team out on Facebook and follow the team’s page on Instagram at @piedmontfederalsavingsbank. For other questions, call the bank at 336.770.1100.


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