Network to Land the Job

You have the power to be one of the 75% who found their dream job through the avenue of networking!  Sitting back and allowing business- and employment-based online services to work for you is helpful; yet, you may be missing out on promising job openings. There are secrets that you can tap into to show your strengths, perseverance, and dedication to land the ultimate dream position!

Find Comfort in Conversation

What makes people comment, “I like you?”  Is it your direct answers and eye contact or the way you read body language to ease discomfort in others?  Everyone has a gift, and you’ll need to discover yours.  Practice the art of conversation!  Start using a professional tone when talking to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.  As you become comfortable engaging in diverse conversations, expect engaged listeners to notice your confidence and be willing to steer you in the right direction.

Schedule an Informational Interview

Need one foot in the door of a high-interest company?  Find empowerment in your referrals by playing a special networking card termed “the informational interview.”  While it’s not a job interview, it provides candidates a chance to ask questions and receive first-hand experiences and impressions from a reliable source.  Don’t forget to be well-prepared for your meeting.  Go online to find a list of recommended questions!

Join a Club

Professionals play golf, join gyms, and take up kayaking.  Why not sign up for in-person clubs or groups that emphasize your interests.  Developing genuine relationships is a means for you to meet new people and develop skills, while working towards a personal goal.   You never know when a familiar face turns out to be a hiring manager and searching for a specific work ethic!

Share Professional Goals

A career opportunity may walk through the front door of your home! It could be a family member or friend; therefore, start talking openly about your goals and seek advice.  Remember, there are six degrees of separation to link together almost everyone in the world.  Through friendly introductions, take every opportunity to expand your personal and professional network.

Invitation to Coffee

Never say “No” to an opportunity to engage in a professional conversation, mainly if the offer includes a private meeting over coffee or some form of personal contact.  Networking isn’t about taking; the goal is to form a trusting relationship that will strengthen. Whether your friends remain local or relocate out of state, maintain that inner circle of professionals!

Social Media Platform

What does your profile say about you? Today’s hiring managers will look at a candidate’s social media page and peruse through your list of friends.  Use your platform to engage in professional dialogue.  By intentionally creating an online presence, your digital ties can attract the attention of potential employers.

Take a Class

The individuals you meet in workshops and classes are well-connected to local businesses.  Investing time to learn new skills and earn certifications isn’t necessarily connected to your resume.  A classroom is an ideal location to benefit from one additional resource to build professional relationships.

Seconds to Impress

Beyond the efforts to meet and socialize, the next step is to have a well-written and personalized resume ready on request.  Denise Heidel, wordsmith extraordinaire, expanded her Winston-Salem business “The Office Nerd” to include “The Resume Nerd.”  Denise writes, “Your resume has six seconds to make the right impression.  Rather than provide a canned template that becomes lost in a pile, consider having a dynamic resume, which highlights your best assets from unique experiences!”  Writing a formal document isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  If you have trouble, consider contacting “The Resume Nerd.” Denise will help you stand apart from the crowd!

The job market is challenging, but it can work to your advantage. Create positive meetings by presenting a warm smile and introduction, regardless of whether your connection is with a barista or business owner. There are plenty of locations to meet influential people willing to help you rise to the top of the applicant pool. And, remember, networking is a two-way street. Providing help to others will surely offer a fabulous work tip in return!



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