Mason H. Hunter Vocational Educational Scholarship Program First Scholarship Awarded

During the November 2018 meeting of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce (LCCC), it was announced that a new scholarship was being launched in memory of Mason H. Hunter, the beloved son of Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce member and former Chamber President, Brad Hunter.  At that session, it was further announced that the Clemmons Community Foundation, Inc. had been designated to administer and have oversight of The Mason H. Hunter Vocational Educational Scholarship program.  Scholarships awards were slated to be up to $2,500 per student and would be paid directly to the recipient’s school to be used for tuition, books, and other materials required for the program of their choice.

Clemmons Community Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce that the first recipient of The Mason H. Hunter Vocational Educational Scholarship is Owen Hopgood.  Owen recently graduated from West Forsyth High School.  He has a passion for aviation and will be attending Guilford Technical Community College this coming fall with the goal of becoming an airplane mechanic.  Owen is actively working on his pilot’s license and hopes to solo in a few weeks. His hobbies include working on cars and anything mechanical.  “I was honored to represent the Hunter family in accepting this scholarship,” Owen shared.

Once the scholarship is awarded, the winner will also be assigned a mentor via the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce to provide support and guidance.

Vocation skills are not always given the consideration and credit they deserve when planning for careers.  Those who chose a skilled craft, trade, or vocation are an integral part of the fabric of day-to-day life.  What would we do without plumbers, auto mechanics, construction workers, aircraft mechanics, HVAC technicians, landscapers, and more? In many cases, the do-it-yourself route some take to fix something broken in their home, for example, ends up creating an even bigger problem, instead of simply calling for professional help.  As a whole, those skilled folks are needed and necessary to keep our homes, cars, and lives in working order.  We count on them to be available anytime we need them.  We need to support those working to earn their accreditations in such fields.  Their training and subsequent value helps our community thrive and prosper.

Details on The Mason H. Hunter Vocational Education Scholarship application and eligibility guidelines can be reviewed on the Foundation website (  Briefly, the guidelines are:

  • The recipient must be a graduating senior, equivalent, or have graduated within the year from West Forsyth High School and be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours of education/equivalent. Full-time or intend to enroll full-time post-secondary education preferred.  High school graduation or equivalent required before payment of scholarship monies.
  • Financial assistance not a requirement but may be a tiebreaker.
  • The award is for an accredited two-year or less program resulting in a degree or certification in any trade, technical, or vocational field with a demonstrated career path.
  • Consideration includes community service, hobbies, sports, clubs, work experience, and other factors indicating community involvement.

For information on the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce Chamber and membership opportunities, contact Ditra Miller, Executive Director, at 336.970.5100 or visit the website (

For information on how to contribute to the Mason H. Hunter Vocational Educational Scholarship or application details, contact Sandi Scannelli, President/CEO of Clemmons Community Foundation, at 336.663.6794 or visit their website (

Congratulations to Owen, the first to benefit from the Mason H. Hunter Vocational Educational Scholarship program!  As a community, we support your goals and pursuits as you follow your dreams!


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