Why Major in English?

As a college graduate who studied English as her major, I would often get asked if I wanted to be an English teacher post-graduation. I would always respond, “Oh nooo! […]

The Impact of the Universe

It is instinctual to look skyward toward the heavens for answers.  For thousands of years, humans have studied cloud formations, wind, rainfall, temperature, the cycle and influences of the moon, […]

The Novant Health WomanCare Difference

In the Triad, “Novant Health WomanCare” is a name synonymous with quality-care initiatives designed to meet the unique needs of women.  As an organization that is 25-years strong, WomanCare has […]

Technology, Schools, and Students

Not that long ago, slate boards, highlighters, and classroom libraries were tools promoting educational progress, while lessons in phonics, cursive, and spelling comprised the foundation for an effective language program. Over […]

Vanilla Pound Cake with Lemon Curd and Fresh Fruit

“Rustic” desserts—sloppy, decadent-looking desserts, if you will—are easy and classic. Simply assembled desserts are perfect for casual parties or at-home Sunday suppers. The fresh berries and lemon curd are a […]

A New Dining Experience at Mac & Nelli’s

In June, the owners of Mac & Nelli’s announced that their restaurant is going through some changes, including a new logo, a new head chef, and a new menu!  These […]

The Buzz of Honey!

What could be more eye-opening than learning that 75% of all store-bought honey contains artificial sweeteners, such as rice, wheat, and sugar-beet syrups? Despite the high-dollar price, the missing ingredient […]

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