March 2021 “From the Heart”

Just one year ago, behaviors like social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing everything under the sun abruptly entered our world.  Sheltering in place orders and the closing of so many businesses soon followed.  Initial shock and disbelief in what was happening to life as we knew it was quickly followed by shortages of paper goods and disinfectants.  Fear and panic gripped us as the media reported the grim news of daily infections, hospitalizations and reported deaths.  Covid-19 was an unwelcome visitor and who could have ever known that a year later it would still be haunting us?

America and the world would adapt and creativity would flourish as new ways of living with this unwelcome visitor were discovered.  We witnessed the best (and worst) in humanity at times.  As vaccines become available to more and more people, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am grateful for the scientists who worked tirelessly to create the vaccine.  I am grateful for the healthcare workers who cared for us and frontline workers who kept our pantries full and prepared food to sustain us.  I am grateful for the teachers who are doing their best to engage our students.  And yes, as crazy as it sounds, I am grateful for the lessons Covid has taught us.  An appreciation for the blessings and freedoms we have, may we never take those for granted again!  And most of all, to remind us that life is ever precious.  I hope that people will take these lessons and use them to be a little kinder, slow down a little more and be a little more present with those they love.

Our March cover features a well-known family owned company, Casual Furniture World.  I met the Rowell family on a beautiful but very chilly February afternoon to photograph their cover.  Kudos to them and especially the children for braving the elements to create the beautiful cover that you see.  Creating wonderful outdoor spaces in our homes have never been more prevalent than now.  With spring just around the corner, be sure to stop by and see them to make your own outdoor oasis a reality!

March is the beginning of our three-month long Summer Camp Showcase.  Be sure to check out this section to start planning an enriching and fun summer for your child. Stay tuned next month for additional camp advertisers to join us!

Shout out to my baby brother, Russell Wood!  Happy 50th to you, love you so!




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