Making this Heart-full Holiday More Interesting and Inspiring!

No need to twiddle your thumbs…. Ignite your life with inspiring and interesting ideas this heartful holiday. Still wondering what to do this Valentine’s? No room for boredom. Make the most of your time on this beautiful day!

  • Sow seeds with love with an indoor edible garden of herbs, salad greens, and/or your favorite flowers in small pots kept by a window. Have them handy in your kitchen for your culinary creations.
  • Lighten up with laughter that’s contagious. Crave comedy? Watch and/or listen to your favorite comedian(s) or host your own stand up (or sit down; pun intended) comedy event. 
  • Ready for the romantic? Read a romance novel or watch a rom-com with your meal. Want more? Binge watch in a movie marathon of rom-coms all about love. 
  • Sometimes Valentine’s can exacerbate the frustrations of feeling alone. So, if you’re single and feel like you’re missing out on romantic love, you’re not alone. Mr. Right may not be in close proximity, but you never know. So, don’t stop the search because you’re tired of looking for him. With dating sites and apps at your virtual fingertips, start swiping, and be sure to swipe right on a potential Mr. Right. Tired of online dating and the virtual world? Try blind dating through your network of family and friends, who can provide real recommendations. 
  • Love books? Have a book-athon and read by yourself, or out loud to others, love-related books, from children’s books to romance novels. Look at your local library and/or online. Empower your own writing and author your own book or e-book about love, whether fact, fiction, or based on a true story. And, if you want to take it even farther, create a short film and hit up the film festivals.
  • Reminisce, reflect, and record your love stories, whether focused on your life or a collection of others’ love stories—in audio, video, a slideshow of images, or handbound book. Or are you more of a poetess? Compile a collection of love poems that you can give as a gift.
  • Who doesn’t love a love letter? You don’t have to be in love to share a love letter. In fact, you can write love letters to strangers on the streets that could make their day or change their entire lives. Write lovingly, from the heart, and seal with a kiss (whether invisible or with red or pink lipstick as a signature, decorative touch). Nothing reinforces and triggers memories quite like aromas that linger in our hearts, minds, and noses, so add a simply scent-sational fragrance with a spray or two.
  • The nose knows! Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can have a signature fragrance. Create your own scent-sational signature fragrance, uniquely you, or that represents the essence of love. Makes an ideal gift. Consider a loved one’s most notable and distinctive characteristics, personality, and appearance, as you choose your essential or fragrance oils. Learn from a tutorial or research more in depth how to custom blend your fragrance. The options are many. Aside from perfume and cologne, also try roll-on oils, lotions, balms, salves, and powders. 
  • Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies! Enjoy breakfast in bed this heart-full holiday with heart-shaped toast or French toast, or lunch with heart-shaped sandwiches.  
  • There’s always someone who’s struggling or suffering and in need of love and support. Creatively craft or write an uplifting message of love for a COVID patient, cancer patient, veteran, homeless mother, and/or a neighbor in need. Flowers and/or handmade arts and crafts gifts you can easily DIY and benefit from with art therapy are also a bonus.

Celebrate a meaningful, memorable Valentine’s, whether solo or with loved ones. Creatively get heartfull and artfull, as you experience and express what none of us can truly live without. The Beatles sang it in their song, “All You Need is Love.” 

However you spend this Valentine’s holiday, may it be truly heartful and happy!









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