Lyndhurst: The Journey of Personalized Pregnancy Care

Having proudly served three generations of local women in the stages of life that matter most, Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates continues their dedication to offering every patient the most superior care possible, starting from birth!

The popular Winston-Salem practice that opened in1970 with only two doctors now features 10 physicians, two Physician Assistants, five Nurse Practitioners, and an impeccable staff with a team-focus on complete gynecologic and obstetric services. As part of their dedication to offering the most customized and enriching pregnancy plan possible, Lyndhurst Gynecologic offers CenteringPregnancy®—a program that combines traditional prenatal care with a variety of educational sessions, held in comfortable, personable, small-group settings. Both first-time and repeat mothers-to-be are raving about the experience, now provided at both the Winston-Salem and Kernersville locations.

One enthusiastic participant described the program perfectly: “It’s a fun way of having others to do this journey with!”

Each one-and-a-half to two-hour session begins with personal assessments – where mothers-to-be learn to take their own vital signs and record them in their pregnancy journals, including learning how to calculate their BMI, or Body Mass Index. Open discussion, directed by the group’s facilitators, follows, along with ample time for interaction, including a period of Q&A, often most popular with participants! Within this small group of eight to 10 pregnant women—all with due dates falling at approximately the same time—the social support and enthusiasm for each member’s well-being is heartfelt!

Among recent participants’ comments on what makes this enhanced prenatal program work so well are the following:

  • The chance to simply meet and connect with other expectant mothers;
  • More one-on-one time for questions—on a wider variety of topics;
  • Bonding with other women who are experiencing the same daily issues you are struggling with;
  • Learning new tips and techniques, even if this isn’t your first pregnancy;
  • A wonderful sense of empowerment as you are encouraged to care for YOURSELF throughout your pregnancy and remain actively engaged in every aspect of your prenatal care.

Many second-or even third-time moms are opting to join the program in lieu of the more traditional prenatal care routines they experienced with their first pregnancies. As one recent new mom shared, “It was a chance for me to learn all the necessities, and it served as ‘me’ time as well.” Best of all, new friendships are made at every session!

Typical discussion topics at CenteringPregnancy® sessions include good nutrition, personal goal-setting during pregnancy, healthy lifestyle choices, common pregnancy discomforts (and some very welcome solutions!), oral health, breastfeeding, much-needed relaxation and stress management, family planning and contraception, domestic violence and abuse, pre-term labor and labor precautions, pain management during labor, weathering the “baby blues” and recognizing postpartum depression, and even caring for your newborn baby!

Patients considered “at risk” due to a pregnancy with multiples, those with underlying medical conditions requiring more frequent than normal ultrasounds and monitoring, or those with both medication-controlled or uncontrolled diabetes may not be eligible for CenteringPregnancy®, but decisions are practice-specific and judged on an individual basis.

While some small groups remain comprised of mothers only, many offer opportunities for spouses, significant others, or support persons, to join in for visits. The ultimate goal, of course, is a happy, healthy baby and a positive, fulfilling birth experience!

For more information on CenteringPregnancy®, call the Winston-Salem office at 336-765-9350 or the Kernersville office at 336-993-4532. You can also visit them online at to learn about the practice and their full range of professional services.




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