Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates – The Past, Present and Future of Women’s Healthcare

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Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates, LGA, provides compassionate care for the obstetrical and gynecological needs of women in every season of life. Whether it is a teen’s first well-woman exam, a first or fourth pregnancy, menopause or myriad gynecological concerns throughout a woman’s life journey; the providers of Lyndhurst are with their patients every step of the way, serving generations of women.

The Past

LGA first opened its doors on Lyndhurst Avenue in Winston-Salem in 1970. The two founding physicians, the late Drs. Linton and Whitener, focused on providing women with individualized and expert care, throughout every stage of life. In the 53 years since Lyndhurst began treating patients, they have not only expanded in locations, but also in health care providers, staff and services, all while continuing to address the needs of their patients.

Dr. William Michael Lindel joined the Lyndhurst family in 1992. As Dr. Lindel prepares to retire from Lyndhurst after 31 years, his story of pursuing medicine, choosing to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, and what his time with his Lyndhurst colleagues, past and present, has meant to him truly reflects the commitment and dedication of all the medical professionals and staff at Lyndhurst.

The Present

Dr. William M. Lindel grew up near the coast of Washington state, the youngest of six children with a father who was a general practice physician in their town of Montesano and a mother who was a practicing nurse, until the birth of her first child.

“My father opened his practice in 1947 in two rooms above the local movie theater, with the back row of seats in the theater moved up the hallway to act as the waiting room. Both of my parents were very hardworking and instilled in us as children a strong work ethic. Education was the most important endeavor in our family, and we were encouraged to pursue our interests. Our family has one MD, myself, two PhDs and two with masters degrees. I was always drawn to math and science, and with my father being a physician, I was well aware of the commitment. At that time, a general practitioner did everything – surgeries, obstetrics, pediatrics, etc. My father delivered babies at the hospital which was 10 miles away; days started early and ended very late for him. I knew and understood what a career in medicine would mean for me, and I knew that was what I wanted,” recalled Dr. Lindel.

After graduating with a BA in biology and receiving his MD from University of Virginia in 1984, Dr. Lindel began his rotating internship at East Tennessee State University, where during his third year, he got to work with Dr. Peyton Taylor, an OB/GYN Oncologist, leading Dr. Lindel to his speciality.

“The combination of interesting surgeries, delivering babies and the relationship you develop and get to continue over the years make it a very unique speciality. Also, I felt very comfortable with the people who were in OB/GYN – hard-working, empathetic, close knit and supportive; because you can go from the most wonderful event of delivering a baby in one room to a very sad, early pregnancy loss in the next. My OB/GYN residency was here in Winston-Salem at NC Baptist Hospital. I was on Air Force scholarship for my final three years of medical school, so I went on active duty as an OB/GYN at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA following my residency. Towards the end of my three year commitment, I was contacted about a position by Dr. Lamar Parker, a Lyndhurst physician, whom I had worked with during my residency at NC Baptist Hospital. Following my separation from the Air Force, I started at Lyndhurst in September 1992,” Dr. Lindel said.

“The two beliefs that Lyndhurst were built upon by Drs. Linton and Whitener, that we continue to hold to today are: 1. the patient comes first, and 2. production is poison. In 53 years, we have never lost sight of these and structure our practice around them. We work as hard as we can for our patients and our colleagues through collaboration and not competition. The number of staff who have been with Lyndhurst for decades says a lot about the commitment we have to our patients and each other. We moved into our ‘new’ building seven years ago and have added in-

office minor surgery and procedures, mammography, pelvic physical therapy and a spa. With all this growth, we always do our best to treat the patient as an individual,” commented Dr. Lindel.

In 31 years with LGA, Dr. Lindel has had the opportunity to care for patients from the start of their families into menopause. Being part of a patient’s life, through the many stages isn’t taken lightly.

“When I started in practice, I didn’t know how important the relationships that developed over the years would become to me as a person. We comment on how we are family and our patients are extended family. Watching our patients’ children grow up, seeing family photos of them each year, working together on health challenges and those of getting older, it has all been so rewarding. I have always treated my patients with care and respect, the way I would like to be treated. I will miss everything my time with LGA encompasses and those relationships with my patients, but knowing there is really no ‘right’ time to step away and retire, and there are no guarantees for tomorrow, I want to be able to be present with my wife and my family…they may get tired of me and beg me to go back to work,” Dr. Lindel stated.

The Future

As Dr. Lindel steps away from LGA, he leaves behind a medical group that continues to grow in its knowledge and care of patients with additions like Dr. Rosalea Taam.

Dr. Taam, a native of Ithaca, NY, attended Cornell University for her undergraduate degree and the Medical University of South Carolina for her medical degree and OB/GYN residency. Prior to joining Lyndhurst in 2022, Dr. Taam worked as an OB/GYN in Greensboro. Dr. Taam resides in the Winston-Salem area with her husband, who is in residency at Wake Forest Baptist Health.“Working at Lyndhurst has been a rewarding experience for me. I have had the privilege of being a part of our patients’ lives during significant milestones/transitions such as pregnancy and menopause, as well as preventative care. The caring atmosphere fostered by the staff has been instrumental in ensuring our patients received the best possible care. I feel fortunate to work alongside supportive colleagues who share my passion for helping others. LGA has been a part of the Winston-Salem community for more than 50 years, and it is an honor to be part of a practice that has cared for generations of families in the area. Treating patients who have been delivered by Lyndhurst is especially meaningful. It’s amazing to see how our practice has played a role in the lives of so many people in the community. Being part of this legacy is truly special, and it motivates me to continue to provide exceptional care for years to come,” Dr. Taam said.

Beyond the legacy of patient care, Dr. Taam sees the dedication of her colleagues to LGA as special.

“The staff’s dedication, longevity and commitment to LGA makes this an enjoyable workplace. The staff here is amazing – like a big family that genuinely cares about our patients’ well-being. It’s such a pleasure to work with a group of people who are all dedicated to making a positive difference in patients’ lives,” commented Dr. Taam.

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