It’s A Grand Life – Summer Fun

Except for the heat and humidity, I love this time of year. The hectic pace slows down, and there is more time to spend with the grandchildren. School is out, most extracurricular activities are over until school starts again, pools open, and abundant options of places to go and things to do present themselves. During the year, there are limited opportunities to do things that take more than a couple of hours. Having moved to the coast, the beach and boat are a definite plus for our Charlotte grandchildren to look forward to, as well as being with four of their cousins.

Forsyth and surrounding counties have loads of interesting and fun places to go for an afternoon, a day, or days. If you have confident swimmers, a community pool, private pool, or a water park on a hot summer day is a great idea. Pack snacks, or even a picnic lunch, plenty of water, and most definitely, sunscreen. 

Those things are also good for a trip to the zoo. Asheboro is an easy drive from Forsyth County. There is so much to see and do there, as well as places to sit and have a picnic. Do some research before you go to find out about times and events that will be happening that day. There are times to meet different animal keepers who will answer questions, hiking trails, giraffe deck, butterfly garden and more. There are several recreational attractions including a carousel, ropes course, a garden friends playground. A fun and educational way to explore the zoo is with an activity guide known as Zoo Trekker. It is primarily for ages 6-12 but open to all ages. Those completing six or more quests earn a souvenir pin.

Usually, getting away from the heat means a trip to the beautiful NC mountains. The towns of Blowing Rock, Highlands, Waynesville, West Jefferson, and so many more are wonderful places to explore. There are also many ways to entertain the children including gem mines, horseback riding trails, great hikes, places to fish, and, of course, there’s the Biltmore House and gardens.

Have your grandchildren started talking about going to a summer camp? Whether they want a coastal or a mountain camp experience, this is a great time to look into options for the future. We found the camp our daughters went to, and now their daughters go to, quite by accident. And, while one grandson chose a boys’ camp close to his sister’s camp in the mountains, another grandson chose to stay closer to home by going to one on the coast. 

Getting away from getting on the road, if there have been discussions about owning a dog, summer is a great time for that. The children can learn the responsibility of having a pet, and the weather is more conducive for training and getting settled into their new family. Some important things to keep in mind – make sure the parents are on board with it – that is a big #1. The children may be begging for one, but, whether you disagree with the parents for not getting one, it is their decision; owning a pet is a commitment – that cute puppy will get bigger. It will chew things, need food, toys, training, shots and medicines to keep it well, spaying or neutering, and veterinarian visits, among other things.

Whatever your summer plans are, I hope you will be able to spend time with your grandchildren building more memories for not just them, but for you, as well. The best things are the wonderful hugs, happy smiles, and the “I love you” coming from them!


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