Jonesville Public Library – A Little Library with a Big Heart for People

With the advancements in technology, you can research information on any subject and read the latest novel without leaving your home; everything is at your fingertips, so you may think that libraries are relics of yesteryear. But, libraries still have an important role in our communities, and Jonesville Public Library has become a little something more to people of all ages!

A History of Growing to Meet Needs

In the spring of 1961, a group from the Jonesville-Arlington Women’s Club began the process of establishing a library in Jonesville. Under the recommendation of Phyllis Snyder, with the NC State Library, the towns of Jonesville and Arlington combined and received a federal grant of $3,875 to begin establishing the library. The funds were used to buy books and pay a librarian for one year and officially opened May 21, 1962. Over the years, the Jonesville Public Library has gone through changes to meet the community’s needs. In 2016, due to storm damage, the library moved to a temporary location with volunteers focused on a more permanent solution to the upheaval caused by the storm. With the generosity of Friends of the Jonesville Library Group members, in April 2020, a building was purchased and volunteers transformed the once physician’s office into a library. On October 21, 2021, the Jonesville Public Library opened its doors to the public for the first time in their permanent home, 112 North Swaim Street in Jonesville. Since then, the outreach of the library has continued to meet all ages and their needs.

Learn, Change and Grow

The staff members at the Jonesville Public Library are not only active in the library, but in the community as well, so they know the needs of those in the community and how the library can meet those needs.

Jennifer Rogers, branch manager, said, “We are actively seeking grants to introduce programs that can reach our neighbors where they are. We have to learn, change and grow just as the rest of the world does. We try hard to make sure that we have programs that are fun for all ages, and of course, free for everyone!” The programs at the Jonesville Public Library begin with the youngest in the community to the oldest.

“Wiggle Worm Wednesdays is our Pre-K story time. We have different subjects to focus on each week, with a craft to go along with it, at 10am and 12pm. For those who cannot attend in person, we offer virtual story times on our Facebook page, and the crafts can be picked up at the library throughout the week. For the children who are a bit older, we have #MadeItMyself crafts that are ‘take it and make it’ crafts where children can pick up a craft, take it home and make it. These crafts are different each month and are available for pick-up the entire month. For our teens, we have our Teen Advisory Board (TAB), that meets every third Thursday of the month starting at 5:30pm and discusses programs they would like to have. This meeting includes craft time and finishes out the night playing games on the Oculus. Adults aren’t left out at the library; they can pick up Adult Zen Bags throughout the month, each with a different theme. The bags have

adult coloring pages, crosswords, word sentences and a sweet treat. There are other programs for all ages too, both in-person, virtual and take home,” commented Jennifer.

Technology to Reach Others

In the summer of 2022, the library received grant money for technology purchases, to expand the library, and put the money to great use addressing additional needs to reach others in the community.

“We are the only library in the area with an Oculus Quest 2 giving young and older people an experience with virtual reality for free! We have also started a homebound delivery service to keep those who stay at home active with books, movies, audio and crafts. Our staff is also offering help filling out job applications here at the library and, if needed, we will send a laptop home for completion of the application. Another very popular program is our annual technology class for seniors. It’s the only place in the area to get that kind of education for free. It’s so rewarding making the differences we are seeing and bettering the lives of our community,” Jennifer stated.

Jonesville Public Library is located at 112 North Swaim Street in Jonesville. For more information on programs, call 336.835.7604, or visit


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