I’m Sorry You Don’t See Her Like I Do

From the moment she was placed into my teenage arms, she was everything to me. 

Her fragile body entering the world much sooner than expected, it didn’t surprise me when everything she’s done in her life since that day was full of passion and spunk. 

She held her own from day one—forged in strength and determination. 

The beauty in her bright blue eyes doesn’t match mine, as she’s always danced to the beat of her own drum. Done what made her happy and what she loves, with a fierceness and dedication that for someone so young is astonishing. 

I’m sorry for you, though. I’m sorry that you don’t get to see her as I do. The raw beauty, caring and empathic soul that she is. I’m sorry that you can’t see beyond your own struggles and heartache to realize what a treasure she is to have as a daughter, and how fostering her own passions and goals is okay—even if they don’t align with your own. 

 She is her own person and makes that known daily. 

I know you blame me for some of her quirks, her artistic, emotional side, instead of being stern and athletic. But this child we have been blessed to call our own is everything. 

Everything right in the world. Joy and happiness wrapped in her stunning features. The light that stretches across her entire face, causing her eyes to twinkle and her infectious smile, that always makes me laugh.

I hope someday you see her as I do. Not her faults and shortcomings, but the grace and perfection of a child coming into her own. Finding her place in this crazy world and thriving in everything she does. 

I hope someday you ask her about things she loves, instead of doubting her passions and questioning what makes her happy. 

For now, I’ll love her enough for both of us. Proving to her that no words can hurt her, no lack of involvement and support can break her. Because just like the day she came into the world early—letting the world know she was ready to be a part of it—that strength continues on. 

Someday I hope she finds someone who loves her and sees her as I do—not settling and searching for all you never gave her. For she is worthy of much more than you ever have given, and continue to give, her. 

She’s perfect as she is, and I hope she never changes to please anyone. So, open your eyes before it’s too late and see that the little girl once placed into your arms is now a woman—realizing her worth and leaving behind things and those who don’t value who she is, because I fear you’ll also be left behind and never see her for who she is. 

She is everything. She is our daughter. 


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