Genevieve Condon


Genevieve is an international best-selling author of over 15 published novels and short stories. She holds a double masters degree in forensic psychology and law with a deep passion for education. Working as the senior lead faculty of psychology at an all women’s college, she loves helping women pursue their education. You can often find her advocating for education reform and mental health awareness, both areas extremely important to her. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she now resides in Winston Salem with her husband, teenage daughter, toddler son, mother and fur baby. She loves spending time with family, traveling, writing and shopping.

You’re Doing All Right

I remember when I was younger being told that effort was enough. That if you put your all into something and for some reason still didn’t succeed, that it was

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Take the Vacation!

I remember when I had my daughter, everyone told me that vacations and traveling would never happen for me. Being a young mother, I was told a lot of things

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It’s Okay to Let Go

I sit here on the cusp of a huge change, “imposter syndrome” trickling into my mind constantly and tapping eagerly to get in and sabotage what I’ve been working so

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Today and Every Day

Gone are the Valentine’s Days of fancy dinners and expensive gifts. The high heels are replaced with crocs designed lovingly by your child—sprinkled with this morning’s waffles and syrup.  The

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