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Christy Long and Jacqueline Broach both knew immediately, upon learning about Green Compass Global, a CBD production company, that this is the business they wanted to represent. Christy and Jacqueline were so impressed with Green Compass Global, they both jumped in on the ground floor, combining their passion and resources to quickly develop a thriving business.

“What I love about Green Compass is that it is a local North Carolina family-owned company,” says Christy. Started by husband and wife team, R. Sterling Cook, JR. and Meredith Cook, in Eastern North Carolina in February of 2019, the business has grown through an uncompromising dedication to quality organic farming and state-of-the-art processing to preserve the many health-boosting properties of hemp. The company was founded on the need to improve their own family’s health, and when they realized the health benefits of hemp, they knew they could play a role as farmers to bring relief and good health to others. The Cook family partnered with sixth-generation North Carolina farmers, brothers Adam and George Wooten. The Wooten brothers had participated in North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program through NC State University.

“Green Compass Global is unique in that their only focus is on offering top-quality CBD products. It is not an add-on line of health care products, like so many other supplement companies,” says Christy. “They are also unique in their low-key emphasis on marketing, concentrating more on providing positive benefits to actually help people with health issues. I am passionate about helping people, and the compassion and commitment to help others is strong with Green Compass Global.” All of Green Compass Global products are USDA certified organic, and they use the C02 extraction method, the cleanest and most effective extraction method available. All products are third-party-tested with a Certificate of Analysis available (QR code on every bottle).

Many people are not really informed about what CBD products are and how they benefit overall good health. Jacqueline and Christy love educating their customers about the details. The many biological systems in the human body become depleted from environmental factors and stresses every day. Cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound found in hemp plants, naturally replenishes and heals these biological systems, helping to bring the body into balance. CBD can positively affect our sleep quality, memory, mood, metabolism, and inflammation.

There are two types of extraction of CBD from hemp. It is important to know this when choosing the correct products for your needs. Green Compass Full Spectrum Hemp Extract contains CBD, and additionally, over 80 other cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, including flavonoids, or phytonutrients, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Green Compass Full Spectrum Hemp Extract may contain trace amounts of the THC cannabinoid, the cannabinoid in marijuana, but each batch is tested to be sure that the amount of THC remains below 0.3%. Green Compass CBD Isolate is made by isolating the CBD from the hemp extract. This could be a good option for someone that would like to boost CBD intake without the addition of THC.

People may be wondering why there are so many CBD products suddenly appearing on the market. The passing of the US Farm Bill of 2018 declared hemp as separate from marijuana, allowing the market for CBD supplements to bloom. This bill excluded hemp from prosecution as a Schedule 1 drug. This followed the research done in 1996 that established that hemp could be grown with only trace amounts of THC—less than 0.3%.

Hemp acts like a sponge, cleaning the soil of toxins as it grows, leaving the soil in better condition. This is why certified organic growing conditions are critical, with good quality soil and water and no pesticides. In the United States today, 80% of CBD products sold are made from hemp imported from China, where growing conditions may be unknown. When people purchase and use CBD products from Green Compass Global, they can be confident in the purity and cleanliness of the products.

Christy and Jacqueline are confident in the quality and positive effects of Green Compass Global products. They and their families have personally benefited from their use. The many customers who have tried the products have reported excellent results. “I understand the importance of trust when deciding to try any new health care product, and I feel good about recommending Green Compass products to others seeking improved health,” says Jacqueline. “And I love the 30-day money-back guarantee as a sign that Green Compass Global believes in their products.”

To reach Christy or Jacqueline and learn more about Green Compass Global, to try the products, or explore joining their team as advocates to educate others, contact them via e-mail at or Visit them on the web at or You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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