It’s A Grand Life – Love, Love, Love

So here we already are in the month of February. As a child it seemed like it took forever to get from one birthday to the next, one Christmas to the next, or one summer break to the next. Now, however, I feel like the months and years just fly by. As February is the month of love, here are some things I love about being a grandparent.

Ten years ago this past December, our eldest daughter presented us with our first, beautiful grandchild. As she was a scheduled c-section due to being breech, we were in the waiting room awaiting news of her arrival. The emotion of total love that flooded through me while holding that precious bundle was greater than I imagined it would be. I wanted nothing less for her than the best life has to offer, just as I did for my own children. Everyone I knew that had become a grandparent had told me how wonderful it was. I couldn’t imagine that it could be any better than being a parent. I don’t know if it’s better, but I can say it is different in all the best ways. I love the way I feel every time I see them or hear their voices.

Three plus years later and our family was blessed once again when our eldest presented us with our first grandson. Except for my father, and subsequently my husband, my family had consisted of females. I wondered how different it would be having a boy in the mix. For the first couple of years, there really wasn’t too much difference. More interest in trucks and cars than dolls and princesses, but otherwise, I was somewhat relieved that I wasn’t overwhelmed with change. At two years of age, that pretty much changed. The energy level shot up, and all things boy rose to the surface. It is at the same time exhilarating and exhausting and keeps me young – for the most part – and definitely on my toes learning all things boy. I love it!

We now have three granddaughters and three grandsons. They range in age from 22 months to 10 years of age. Now, that we are in the same town with three of them, I am able to spend much more time with them. I now have the opportunity to see what interests them, what foods they like, their favorite toys and activities, watch them being creative in their play, and how they socialize with others. I can be there, usually at a moment’s notice, to help my daughters so they can run an errand while the little ones nap. In other words, I love being a part of their lives.

I am very fortunate to have all our family living in the same state and having a wonderful relationship with all of them. I love that my grandchildren’s parents are excellent examples for these little people. I love that the parents acknowledge their children’s differences; that they provide comfort in a gentle, loving manner when they have been hurt either physically or emotionally; that both parents are involved in their upbringing; that they expose their children to faith and the awareness of the needs of others; that they are being raised with manners, to be respectful, and show appreciation; and that they all have pets for their children to love and learn responsibility for their care and treatment.

I love that whenever I see my grands I am greeted with shouts of “Gigi” and big hugs. Maybe that’s what everyone meant when telling me how wonderful being a grandparent is. That is definitely a part of it, but hardly all. It is the total package of watching them grow, seeing them change and mature, reminding me of myself and my children when we were young. With each of their births, my heart grew, and if more grands should come along, it will continue to do so, embracing the purest love these precious gifts from God bring. Love, love, love!


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