My Grace-Full Life: Recommended Reading

Earlier this year, I started a recommended reading list on my blog, and a few months ago, I shared the first three books I read in 2019:  It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, by Lysa TerKeurst, Forgotten God and Crazy Love, both by Francis Chan.  I am super-particular about whose books I read, so if I read them, it’s because the author is someone whose theology I trust.  Anyway, I thought it was time for a mid-year checkup with my list of recommended reading.

Chan, Francis. Letters to the Church:

I am turning into a big fan of Francis Chan’s writing not only because it’s good writing—but because he 1) writes Biblical truth and 2) his writing feels like he’s having a conversation with you. “Letters to the Church” is a challenge to the modern church to revisit their current models and compare them to the model set for us in the Bible…to realize that church isn’t about what we can do for the congregation, but training the congregation about how we can serve the world.  A powerful book, this one is a great read for anyone in church leadership or who is looking to follow the Biblical calling to “Be the church.”

Ehman, Karen. Keep Showing Up: How to Stay Crazy in Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy:

Keep Showing Up will be a lifeline for many frustrated women who are ready to give up on their vows. A Christian perspective on marriage, the author encourages the reader to look at marriage—and themselves—from a Biblical point of view. It’s not about us as wives, or about changing our husbands…it’s about letting God change us through our marriage. A great read for any woman, no matter what season of marriage…and honestly, I think it’s a great book for single women, too. I found several takeaways that will benefit me in other situations!  Karen’s writing style is funny and relatable. She is totally transparent, and in the process, gently applies wisdom and experience to the common frustrations that come with married life.

Hodges, Chris. The Daniel Dilemma:

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Hodges speak at Proverbs 31 Ministry’s 2017 “She Speaks” conference and found him to be a great, engaging, Biblically-minded teacher.  At the conference, we were all given advance copies of his book, TheDaniel Dilemma and it only took me two years to get to it. The book’s tagline is, “How to stand firm and love well in a culture of compromise.” This is a book that any Christian needs to read.  The author spends time explaining different situations Daniel faced and how he maintained his faith in the face of adversity.  The author uses those stories, as well as the stories of Jesus, to parallel situations we face today.  As sin is embraced more every day and the world becomes more jaded to the Truth of God’s word, The DanielDilemmagives the reader an opportunity to explore the question, “What would Jesus do, truly?” and helps guide and direct to Biblical solutions.

Mehrer, Colleen. God’s View of You: Discovering Your Biblical Worth:

Colleen Mehrer has written an excellent book that touches on a common issue for many women—self-worth.  We live in a culture that celebrates “being yourself.” Yet, it’s a real problem for many women.  We tell ourselves half-truths and outright lies based on our experiences and the comparison games we play. Colleen’s book explores what the Bible has to say about us as individuals.  She cites Scripture to help women identify their value and worth from a Biblical perspective.  The book encourages the reader to truly embrace who God has made us to be.  The book is designed for one-on-one reflection and also includes a leader’s guide for a group setting.

There are a few other books on my blog, but in the interest of space—I’ll leave it at these four, at least until the next update. If you’d like to see the full list on my website, go to


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