Give BTV-Beyond The Virus Gifts That Give Back! Local + Global Creative Collaborations & Charitable Contributions

Add BTV-Beyond The Virus: world music, arts and crafts, and teas to your Christmas and holiday wish lists, and give gifts that give back this holiday season!


Bringing communities and the world together is at the top of Susan B. B. Schabacker’s list this December. She is intent on helping others while sharing her God-given creative gifts. Susan’s 5th album of world music, BTV – Beyond The Virus, is being released in time to be delivered by Santa, who—like the rest of the world—has gone online. Santa can now give his reindeer a break and deliver music electronically, all around the world.

Her BTV album includes uplifting songs, offering hope, and parody songs about COVID-19 to tickle funny bones! Susan has collaborated with musicians + vocalists to bring songs from over 25 different cultures and countries, ranging from A (Austria) to Z (Zimbabwe), and many countries in between. She is proud of all of her collaborators, who are talented, dedicated, and special. Some are also Grammy award winners and nominees.

There are also hamster songs with cute chipmunk vocals for kids and kids-at-heart. “My Lil Fur Baby Hammy” (@MyLilFurBabyHammy on Instagram) is a featured furry artist on our BTV album. He wants with all his heart for humans + hammys (and all animals) to “Make Our World a Better Place!” (BTV’s theme song). He hasn’t won a Hammy (Grammy with an “H”) award yet, but helping others is his first priority in music and life. An aspiring artist—like his musical Mama—he is embarking on his music career.

Susan and BTV-Beyond The Virus collaborators are supporting two charitable non-profits, one local and one international. Both heartful organizations are proactive in helping those hard-hit by coronavirus:

  • “Love Out Loud” works to transform our community with the love of Jesus by connecting people and resources in partnership with about 250 nonprofit organizations and over 100 faith-groups.
  • “Heart to Heart” International strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development, and administering crisis relief worldwide.

“Many different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Swedish, and Polish, celebrate BTV’s worldwide outreach, and we’re proud to include a patriotic song, “Independence,” in honor of our fellow Americans’ freedoms and human rights,” reflects Susan.


“I wanted to find a special way to thank my worldwide collaborators, a vital part of BTV, so some headshots will be featured in a musically masked montage. Each performer is equal and valued, so all images will be cropped with the same background,” says Susan.


Susan wanted to incorporate visual arts, so she teamed up with artists and artisans who are donating arts and crafts to support others. “Their artistic gifts shine as they craft and create works of art from the heart,” said Susan.

Susan’s local, woman and minority-owned tea business, Tea-lation! (, @Tealation on FB + IN) is also committed to supporting BTV-Beyond The Virus with custom-blended tea blends. “I chose tea ingredients to creatively reflect four main types of people—Caucasian, Asian, African, and Latin/Hispanic—and developed delicious and nutritious tea blends with harmonious flavors that celebrate each race,” said Susan.


One song calls out the “Culprit and Criminal COVID-19 [Coronavirus]” for its worldwide devastation, while another song, titled “Do Our Best,” celebrates hope and power in moving forward, and the song “Dat Darn Villain (COVID-19) Will Never Last,” makes ultimate triumph clear.

We pray our BTV gifts will be on your Christmas and holiday wish lists! Join us, giving memorable gifts, and feel good about your contribution!

“Whether getting and giving BTV gifts this holiday, New Year’s, or other times, we are grateful for your support! Each is creatively original, and we share from our hearts to yours,” concludes Susan.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas and Hopeful, Happy Holidays from all involved with BTV-Beyond The Virus (Santa included)!

Please visit and stay in the loop with Susan’s music on Facebook: @SBBSMusic.



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