Generation after generation

Serving members since 1883

In 1883, Chester A. Arthur was President of the United States, the American flag displayed 38 stars and the first incandescent street lights were being installed.

It’s also the year Modern Woodmen of America was founded in Lyons, Iowa, by Joseph Cullen Root.

A lot has changed since 1883. One thing that hasn’t changed is Modern Woodmen’s dedication to serving its members. Through depressions and upturns, wars and peacetimes, Modern Woodmen has remained financially strong for members, their families and their communities.

Today, Modern Woodmen is one of the largest fraternal organizations in the United States, proudly serving more than 750,000 members nationwide. Its home office has been located in Rock Island, Illinois, since 1897. The organization carefully handles its $15 billion in assets by investing primarily in high-quality, low-risk corporate and government bonds, and it boasts a solvency ratio of 111 to 112 percent – nearly 7 percent higher than the industry average.

“First and foremost, Modern Woodmen is fiscally responsible,” says W. Kenny Massey, Modern Woodmen’s president and CEO. “We manage our investments to carefully protect our promises to members.”

Modern Woodmen’s quality products, dedicated service and life-enriching fraternal member benefits make an impact on individuals and families throughout the United States. Through its smart financial decisions, talented employees and strong history, Modern Woodmen will continue to help protect members’ futures for centuries to come.

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Modern Woodmen of America

*Calculated from the 25 leading life insurance companies by assets. (Standard Analytical Service Inc., 2015)



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