Five Ways to Simplify Your Home This Spring

The coming of spring is often synonymous with the act of spring cleaning. Spring signals a rebirth and renewal of warm weather and new beginnings. And, what better way to welcome in a fresh start than by getting rid of the old and wiping away the winter dust in your own home?

Spring cleaning can be a rigorous task that involves deep cleaning and focusing on every inch of the house, including the areas, such as baseboards, walls, etc., that you may not clean often. Its purpose is to help homeowners clean out their belongings, declutter and organize their homes for the new season. By removing unnecessary items, you are reducing your stress, saving money and boosting your mood and mental health. When an area is clean, there can be a sense of peace and happiness added to the environment. 

However, the thought of completing such a grand scale event can be overwhelming for many people. Yet, it doesn’t have to. One of the keys to making spring cleaning successful and to re-energize your home is by taking it one step at a time and by completing the smaller tasks first.

  1. Create a schedule for your spring cleaning and decluttering. Don’t think of spring cleaning as a major one to two day event. Space it out, even if that means you only clean for 10 minutes a day. This is also useful when you are trying to simplify the belongings in your home. By taking a few minutes each day or week to straighten up, you can keep your counters, tables and rooms clean and organized. In addition, you can also get in the habit of sorting out your junk drawer, your purse and other areas that often get messy fast. 
  2. Once you have your schedule, focus on one room at a time. Choose one room in your house and throw away items that you no longer use, need or are out of date. Create three piles: keep, donate and trash. Then, go through the room and place your belongings from that room into these three categories. You can also take this task on a smaller scale and focus on a basket, drawer or toy chest before starting the whole room. 
  3. Another way to help simplify your house is by decluttering when you are focusing on room by room. Consider the items in the list below to help you think through items that you may not use or need anymore: 
    • Clothes
    • Expired Coupons
    • Expired Cosmetics 
    • Expired Medication 
    • Electronics
    • Toys
    • Duplicates of Items or an Excessive Amount of Items 
    • Movies
    • Books 
    • Magazines 
    • Broken or Chipped Items 
    • Take-Out Menus 

A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used or worn something in the past 12 to 18 months, donate, resell or throw the item away. Only toss items if they are broken or absolutely can’t be given a second life.

  1. After removing items you no longer need, develop systems to help you keep your home in order. Set up a donation box in a common area, as well as, places to keep your mail, paperwork or other materials that can stack up on tabletops. 
  2. Lastly, avoid temptation when it comes to buying new items, and use what you have first. Part of adding clutter to your home is purchasing objects you already have duplicates off or don’t need. Stay clear of stores and sales that draw you into impulse buying. Create a list for only the items you need every time you go to a store or shop online, and stick to that list. If you do get the urge, reflect on what you have and consider whether or not you already have a similar item that can do the same job as what you are looking to buy. Also, look and see if the store has a borrow before you buy option. 


Spring cleaning can be a great opportunity to tackle the tasks that are often pushed aside. It is also a great opportunity to simplify your home and ease your mind of the clutter. When it comes to simplifying, you are taking on a somewhat minimalist approach, keeping only your important belongings and tidying up every so often to help maintain a sense of calm and organization to your home. 


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