Dining Guide: RubyG’s Buttercreme Sensations

Winston-Salem’s RubyG’s Buttercreme Sensations is the brainchild of Wyomie Watson and her husband, Eric, serving up house-made sweet treats to Triad locals daily. After retiring from 20 years of working for Forsyth County Government in 2018, Wyomie tested her cake recipes among Eric’s lucky co-workers, who raved about her talent as a baker. Having received such positive feedback, Wyomie and Eric opened RubyG’s Buttercreme Sensations in 2019.

Wyomie’s iconic buttercreme frosting is adored by her children, who described it themselves as “heavenly.” In fact, her children’s feedback inspired the bakery’s motto, “The sky is not the limit; heaven is. Our aim is to make your taste buds feel heavenly.” What makes Wyomie’s buttercreme frosting sensational is the perfect formula that balances sweetness and texture. Many buttercreme frostings have a reputation of being “too sweet,” “too over-powering” or “too heavy.” Wyomie’s frosting magically meets each of these criteria in the middle, making the frosting complementary to her cakes and pleasing to palettes of all kinds. Customers drool over RubyG’s popular banana pudding layer cake, the delicious 7-Up pound cake and the shop’s alcohol-topped cakes for customers 21 and older.

This spring, stop by the shop to taste seasonal flavors, such as pink lemonade cakes and cupcakes, a lemon blueberry pound cake (one of the shop’s best sellers) and the classic RubyG’s strawberry crunch cake and cupcakes. Wyomie is also known for her ability to create themed cakes, having crafted a San Francisco 49ers baseball cap cake for her husband, along with a decorated handbag cake. To continue perfecting her craft, she invests in continuing her education in baking and cake decorating by taking classes and practicing through trial and error.

With the help of her daughter Brittany Holoman, RubyG’s Buttercreme operates smoothly on Peters Creek Parkway. Brittany is Wyomie’s sole part-time employee, working professionally as a chef and having successfully completed her ServSafe certification. She was also Wyomie’s co-conspirator when it came to creating RubyG’s famous deep-fried cinnamon rolls. These deep-fried cinnamon roll creations can be topped with a variety of fruits, making them the perfect sweet treat to savor any time of day.

Wyomie is ever-grateful for her busy husband, Eric, who preps her ingredients ahead of her baking and takes care of the maintenance and cleaning around the shop. Considered the “talker” of the two, and Wyomie’s go-to “PR” person, Eric’s assistance is crucial to RubyG’s daily operations.

With only a few hands on deck, RubyG’s preparation of custom orders and wedding cakes impress clients year-round. With prior experience as a wedding planner, Wyomie parlayed her inside knowledge of the ins and outs of weddings into her career as owner and operator of RubyG’s Buttercreme. She creates custom wedding cakes, offers cake delivery and setup, and hosts in-shop cake tastings for brides and grooms. Ensuring wedding parties and guests are pleased with her creations is one of Wyomie’s favorite aspects of her baking career, and one she strives to achieve with each order received.

To give back to the community, the team at RubyG’s partners with Brenner Children’s Hospital by donating cupcakes for special events, partners with Ardmore Baptist Church’s Pivot Ministry by teaching women from low-income backgrounds how to bake and frost cakes without expensive equipment and has donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Eric has also partnered with Cycle Recycle, which repairs and refurbishes donated bikes and provides them to low-income families.

If you haven’t tasted Wyomie’s buttercreme for yourself, visit the shop at 667 Peters Creek Parkway. Interested in placing a custom order? Wyomie wants to devote as much time as possible to perfecting your request. For weddings and events, contact RubyG’s Buttercreme Sensations no less than two weeks in advance to secure your cake. Call 336.331.3848 to schedule a cake tasting of a variety of RubyG’s cake flavors and frostings for up to two people for only $45.

Find RubyG’s Buttercreme Sensations online at shop.castiron.me/rubygs-buttercreme-sensations, and follow along on Facebook to see more of Wyomie’s creations.


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