Fit Mom: How Your Phone Can Help You Lose Weight

I go through different phases with my cell phone, where I love it and where I loathe it. However, after doing some thinking and researching, if you use your phone in a healthy and intentional way, it can help you lose weight and keep track of your fitness goals!


  1. DO use your cell phone as a diary.On the notes section of my iPhone, I have some daily reminders that help keep me on track. These can be inspirational quotes that help motivate you, saved texts from friends or mentors, or a photo that inspires you. It helps to write down what we are feeling for us to process through those emotions. I would rather do this in a journal, but for practicality’s sake, my phone works just as well and is more convenient.
  2. DO NOT compare yourself on social media. It’s a vicious cycle…you get on Instagram and follow all these social media stars, athletes and fitness mentors, but then you start to compare yourself to them. It’s healthy to have others motivate you, but you can also reach a fine line where it gets unhealthy and you are wanting to be just like them. Keep yourself in check by following people that help you feel good about yourself and encourage you.
  3. DO download exercise apps. There are tons of informative exercise apps that are available for free. Some of my favorites include Nike, Shape and Women’s Health. Some apps include a library of different exercises you can choose from to complete your workout. Those are my personal favorites, because I like to build my own workout. However, if you want someone else to lay out a plan out for you, there are apps for that, too. Spend time finding your favorite one and stick with it!
  4. DO NOT download certain apps or programs on your phone that make you lazy.You know what I am talking about! There are certain games, programs and apps that are a complete time waste and we look up, not even realizing 2 hours have passed. Get rid of those apps! You are wasting special time you could be working out, walking your dogs, spending time with loved ones or making a healthy meal.
  5. DO text a phone buddy to be your accountability partner. I am lucky enough to have a couple of friends who help me in my fitness goals by holding me accountable. When you ask someone to help you with a goal and to be your accountability partner, make sure you establish a plan for when they will check in with you. Is this a nightly text to ask if you worked out today? Once a week? Or is it a phone call every couple of days? Make sure you establish standards, so both of you are on the same page.
  6. DO use your phone as a resource to look up nutritional info. Are you at a restaurant and don’t know if you should pick the grilled chicken wrap or the seafood salad? You can look up almost any nutritional information simply by Googling it. Use your phone as a resource that way! Also, if you are going out to eat, look up the menu ahead of time to help you pick the healthiest meal for you. There is more success in going to a restaurant with a plan than getting there and deciding to get chili cheese fries because they “sound good!”
  7. DO NOT forget to clean off your phone. This tip doesn’t really help to lose weight, but it’s important. Think about it…our phones go with us almost everywhere. Just like our hands need to be washed, so do our phones. I try to clean mine every night when I get home with a sanitizing hand wipe.

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