Finding Your Voice & Being Heard

In a world that favors and requires verbal communication over any other form, for a handful of us this mode of speaking may not come as naturally as for the average Jane Doe. Some of us may struggle to find the right words at a given moment. Some of us fight to come up with the perfect way to set words to our thoughts in general. This may be because other people naturally think in images and symbols as opposed to words. Sometimes our thoughts are a bit too abstract to convert them into words—and that’s okay.

Although we live in an extroverted society that praises and promotes verbal communication, there’s still ample space to discover our own medium of communication and expression. Here are multiple avenues the abstract communicator can take to find their voice and be heard.

Writing. Although writing involves words just like verbal communication does, this is an easier medium, because writing is a solitary action. When the person is alone—especially if they’re introverted—they can channel their thoughts quicker without the pressure of being watched (and possibly judged) by others. They have more time to cement their abstract thoughts and transmit them on paper. Not only that, but because the abstract communicator thinks in images, their writing will tend to be poetic and figurative!

Music. Music comes with or without words. Since they are written, what is said above about words applies to the lyrics separately. Either way, music has always been an outlet for expression.  It can be fast or slow, soft and gentle, hard and edgy, peaceful or powerful—it’s up to the artist’s abstract thoughts. Music is universal, and as long as the composer has a strong message to communicate, his or her message will be heard clearly by any audience.

Visual Art.Visual art takes on many different forms: painting, photography, 3D installations, and sculpture. This is one of the greatest mediums for the abstract communicator, because it is easy to translate visual thoughts into something tangible, assuming that the person has artistic ability. The subject of the art piece is the main thing that will communicate the artist’s thoughts. Make it clear and be intentional about your art!

Dance. Communicate with your body and tell stories with it!  Yes, the abstract communicator with dancing abilities will be able to speak their message through dance moves and sequences! The stronger and more distinctive the movements are, the more their audience will tune in and listen. Also, hair, makeup, and wardrobe (requiring other artistic abilities!) make a difference and impact how the audience will receive the speech and understand the conversation of the dancing.

Film. Filmmaking opens the window of the abstract soul. You can express with words, actors, music, art, and dancing. It’s a conglomerate of artistic, abstract expressions! Most people, especially movie buffs, comprehend film very well because it can either communicate directly or indirectly.


Have a strong message to communicate.Everyone speaks with an intent to communicate something, no matter how light or serious. We all have a goal: for the listener to understand what we’re saying. So no matter what creative medium you choose to express your unique voice in, make sure you have a message and be intentional with it. If you don’t have a clear message, no one will receive what you are projecting in your craft.

Share your mission or story.People love to relate to the creator of something great. How can you express your story through your abstract medium of communication? If your listeners can identify with you, you will win their respect, and they will always listen to you when you speak.

Deviate from the norm.It’s more than okay to be an outlier and step outside of the mainstream. Our minds naturally seek novelty, and anything deviant instantly pops out at us. This is a characteristic that great leaders have, and others gravitate towards them.

Speak to your audience, not at them.Interact with your audience on an intimate level, not just superficially. Relate to them and share your human side, thereby inspiring your audience.

Although verbal communication is great, the world still needs those abstract communicators to keep things interesting!



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