Brittany M. Orie Leak

Brittany M. Orie Leak is a freelance writer, Faith Blogger, and Preschool Teacher at Winston Salem Christian School. She studied English and psychology at Forsyth Technical Community College and University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Brittany’s interest include reading, writing, traveling, music, and the arts. She has a passion for African American studies and loves to write on those topics as well as inspirational and human interest pieces! Writing means so much for Brittany because it’s her strongest medium of communication, inspiration, enlightenment, and exploration. Brittany loves God and serves in ministry! She is happily married to Pastor Robert Leak III and resides in Winston-Salem.

Gifts of the Disabled Mind: Dyslexia

Imagine meeting an exceptionally intellectual individual who is creative, inventive, empathetic, and undoubtedly impactful in their work, but has intense difficulty with reading, recognizing letters

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Do You Have Test Anxiety?

There comes a time during the academic school year that is quite daunting: the “End of Course” test. You have studied, learned the material, and aced

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Why Am I Not Popular?

We’ve all known them. The good-looking, charismatic, impeccably dressed kids who were smart, but not too smart, cool, and trendy. Maybe you were one of them. Or

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$aving Money in College

Let’s look at the facts: college is a money guzzler and school is going to be different this year, but expenses may still add up.

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Vegan Soul Food!

Vegan soul food might sound like the biggest paradox, right? We know classic soul food as being rich in meats, animal grease, dairy, and sometimes

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