Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

It happens to us all. Every now and then, we feel the need for a change in our living space. We get tired of looking at the same furniture rearrangements, wall colors, and decorations. The hope of making a switch and getting ideas on what to do from DIY sites can be motivational. When it comes to the reality of actually doing a home make-over, it can be more of a hassle. However, there are stress-free small ways to spruce up your home without having the help of an HGTV DIY team, including the ones below.

  1. If you are looking for some new artwork, turn your own photos into posters. A simple Google search will show you the stores in your area that print pictures in a poster size. Looking for an extra touch, add a frame to them.
  2. Decorators have lived by the rule of displaying accent pieces in odd numbers. For example, your kitchen counter may hold five knick-knacks, instead of four or six. This tip is pleasing to the eye and gives more attention to the individual items.
  3. Hang a mirror in every room, when possible. The addition of a mirror can lighten up a space, but it needs to be placed on walls that are perpendicular with, or next to, windows. Never hang a mirror across from a window, because this will create too much light in the room.
  4. One way to make a room feel smaller than it truly is can come from low or dark ceilings. If a ceiling is built low, paint it a lighter color and hang curtains higher than the windows. Your eye will be tricked into thinking the ceiling is higher.
  5. For larger areas, such as countertops, always keep the décor to a minimum. Don’t overload it with small items or knick-knacks. This can create a cluttered feeling.
  6. Never place a bed along the same wall as the door. According to Feng Shui, having a bed in this position will fill your head with energy when you are supposed to be resting.
  7. Speaking of Feng Shui, here are many guidelines to follow to add more peace, energy, and comfort to your house.
    • Your stove is the most valuable possession in your home. It brings good fortune and should be kept clean and grease-free.
    • Declutter your entryway, so you aren’t overwhelmed every time you walk in the door. Trunks, closets, and shelves can be a huge help in moving the clutter out of sight.
    • Empty spots can be easily filled with a plant, which in return, will bring happy energy in.
  1. Rugs can be a benefit for any type of room, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes these two rooms can be on the older side, but a rug can bring warmth to the space.
  2. Bathrooms should not be overlooked. Paint the walls warm colors, add accessories, such as candles, fluffy towels, chunky soap bars, and more to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  3. Move around your accent pieces and knick-knacks often. This is one of the simplest ways to make a décor change. Mix and match items between rooms and seasons.
  4. Another thing to mix and match are textures. Pillows, throws, and accessories of different textures can create intriguing visual effects and layers in a room.
  5. Paint and repaint walls, baseboards, doors, windows, and furniture. This is another easy tip to make a change in your home. It is inexpensive and can bring a new look to an area. Don’t be afraid of color of all sorts—neutrals, light colors, and dark colors. However, always test a sample of a new paint color before using it all over.
  6. Add a pop of color to the back of your shelves and in your closet. If you are not looking for a color overhaul, this tip is a great way to add color without much effort.

A change in your home can be nice every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a big update, because a little can go a long way with these easy tips.



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