Club Pilates Provides a Safe Space for Fitness during COVID

COVID-19 has complicated so many parts of our daily life. One area that has been impacted severely is fitness. Starting in March, gyms had to close, and we all had to find alternative ways to stay fit. As time has gone on, and restrictions are relaxing, some people are still feeling nervous about indoor exercise. Luckily, Club Pilates in Winston-Salem is the perfect location for socially distanced fitness in an extremely clean and safe space.

Club owner Kristin Henry has such a passion for Pilates that she moved to Winston-Salem sight-unseen to bring this studio to our community. She found her love of Pilates in college. At the time, she was not only teaching yoga, but also studying Muay Thai kickboxing, acrobatics, and massage. She was working at a gym that had Pilates equipment, and eventually, she was asked to learn to teach it. Once she tried it, she was hooked. “Pilates tied in all the things I already loved and had a passion for. The flexibility of yoga, the strength and precision of martial arts, and the alignment of acrobatics. It is an amazing, balanced, full-body workout.” Kristin is not just the studio owner; she is also the lead instructor and a master trainer.

Since Club Pilates only first opened in January, COVID has presented a lot of challenges this year. What is impressive is how Kristin has turned a negative into a positive. She knew that Pilates would be an excellent fit for people looking to get back into a fitness routine, and she worked hard to ensure that the return to fitness was done safely. Kristin said, “We did not know it at the time, but our studio was built for this. Each participant has their own station, which is 6 ft. from the next, and we were always diligent about cleaning the equipment between classes. During our closure, we increased our cleaning and safety protocols.”

There is no doubt that Club Pilates is taking COVID restrictions seriously. They’ve added additional precautions by installing three bipolar needlepoint ionization filters proven effective for killing COVID, as well as UV air purifiers and temperature scanners, and have replaced previous cleaning sprays with a safe virucide solution. Taking a “rather safe than sorry” approach, the studio asks everyone to wear masks, scan for fever, and wash their hands upon entry. Twice a day, they fog the studio with disinfectant between classes and deep-clean the studio each night. All disinfectants are given time to settle before clients can enter.

The Club Pilates members have been in awe of the safeguards that have been put into place to protect them. One member said, “Y’all have done a great job with the re-opening! The studio is spotless (as always!), and the cleaning measures and precautions are above and beyond what is necessary. We are all glad to be back!” Another member commented, “I don’t think anywhere else I’ve been in WS is being as thorough protecting their staff and clientele.”

When asked what they missed about Club Pilates during the COVID closure, members had various comments for what they love most about the practice. One member said, “Flexibility! The stretches you get on the reformer are so good!” Another member missed the “improved muscle tone and stress reduction.” Kristin said that most of all, she missed the people. “My day is always brighter when I get to see our amazing team and members. They are such a kind and supportive group.”

Even in these trying times, Club Pilates has seen incredible success. On their 105th day in business, they had their first member hit the 100 class mark, and other members are close to achieving that goal, as well. They continue to grow and add members, both because of the fantastic health benefits of Pilates and the wonderful atmosphere this studio has to offer.

Club Pilates offers a focus on group classes geared towards beginners and bringing beginners up. They offer three levels of classes, two levels available for everyone, and one level requiring instructor approval. You can start by trying one of their free 30-minute introduction classes to give you an understanding of how the studio and equipment work. After that, you can choose to drop in for individual classes or use a monthly membership. Memberships are available with the option of four classes, eight classes, or unlimited classes per month. Right now, they’re offering 20% off for three months. Kristin wants you to know, “At Club Pilates, there is something for everyone, and no one is left behind.”

Club Pilates Winston-Salem is located at 371 Lower Mall Drive in the Thruway Shopping Center. For more information, you can call Club Pilates at 336-717-1222, or visit their website Follow them on Facebook and Instagram by searching Club Pilates (Winston-Salem).


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