Children’s Devotion: Hang On!

Love the LORD your God, obey his voice, and cling to him, because he is your life.

~Deuteronomy 30:20

What makes you feel safe? It could be holding someone’s hand when you’re crossing the road. Maybe you want your teddy bear when it’s time for bed. Do you like to have a flashlight nearby when it’s storming outside? If someone has given you a ride on a motor scooter or motorcycle, they probably said, “Hold on tight!”

The world is a big place, and it can be scary and even dangerous, but there are many things that help keep us safe. Cars have seat belts and airbags. Buildings have fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Roads have stop signs and speed limits. Can you think of some people who help keep you safe? Even though we have so many helpers, accidents still happen and people can get hurt.

The verse above says we should cling to God. Do you know the word “cling”? If mom forgets to use fabric softener or a dryer sheet in the dryer, you might see a sock that clings to a shirt. They’re kind of stuck together. God wants us to be stuck to Him! Getting to know God and learning to love Him is the best way to stay safe. The Bible tells us to hang on to what we are learning about God. That means we go to church or Sunday school, and we pay attention and really listen. We pray and ask Jesus to make us just like God wants us to be—all week long, not just on Sunday.

Staying close to God doesn’t mean that nothing bad or scary will ever happen to you. When you are hanging on to God, you know that He is right beside you…in all the fun and excitement and in all the hurts and tears, too.

You can’t see God with your eyes, but as you learn more about Him and obey Him, you’ll see that the verse above is true. Because you love God, you want to obey Him. You want to stay close to Him. You cling to Him and remember that He is your life!  He, the God who lives forever, is living in you. You can’t get any safer than that!


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