Children’s Devotion: Be Brave!

Trust the LORD! Be brave and strong and trust the LORD.   ~ Psalm 27:14

When you do something you haven’t done before, it’s like an adventure. Sometimes it’s fun; sometimes it’s scary. What kind of adventures have you had?

You need to be brave when you try something new. You had to be brave the first time you went to school by yourself. How about when you go to the doctor’s office and have to get a shot? Learning something new can be scary, too. If you try to ski or skate, you might fall down. What if you paint a picture and someone laughs or says it isn’t very good? Maybe you’re playing a new video game, but you always lose.

Being brave is a good thing. But it’s even more important to trust the Lord. Two times in the verse above, it says you should trust the Lord. To trust means to be sure. Be sure that the Lord can lead you and help you!

You don’t have to try everything, and you won’t be a super-star in all the things you do. But in everything you can trust the Lord! You can talk to Mom or Dad about the things you want to do and the things you don’t want to do. You can talk to God about it, too!  He is right here, right now. You can talk to him when you’re scared or worried. God can help you do the new, scary thing…or he can help you decide if you shouldn’t do it at all.

This summer when you are having new adventures with your family and friends, be brave! Be strong! Trust the Lord!




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