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For 18 years, Drs. David Chermak and John Hanson have been giving their patients a great reason to smile. Specializing in orthodontic care, Drs. Chermak and Hanson share a common vision to help others feel great about themselves, as well as to correct a variety of dental issues. Through the use of braces and other strategies, Drs. Chermak and Hanson can correct a wide variety of issues. Their office treats underbites, crossbites, protrusion, overbite, crowding, spacing, open bite and, of course, cosmetic straightening of the teeth. “It has become more important these days for young people to feel confident in their smile,” states Dr. Hanson

Dr. Hanson explained, “Orthodontics is the engineering side of dentistry. As a former mechanical engineer, I discovered how fascinatingly complex our own bodies are engineered, including our mouths and teeth. It resulted in a major career change for me.”

“Dr. Chermak and I have devoted our careers to improving the mechanical functions of our patients’ mouths,” Dr. Hanson continued. “Oral health isn’t just about having fresh breath and a pretty smile. Dental health actually impacts the body long term. For example, orthodontic care can help improve the process of chewing and ultimately improve digestion. It’s our job to work in partnership with local dentists to help patients have the healthiest mouth possible.”

Braces are, of course, practically synonymous with the practice of orthodontics. Dr. Hanson said, “We treat patients of all ages, and often, our practice includes the use of braces. Because many adults, especially, are nervous about traditional braces, we often work with aligners to help alleviate many of the concerns and complications that can come from traditional orthodontic hardware. We don’t feel it’s the best option for young children, as it’s more difficult for aligners to correct the bite in a growing child or adolescent. But they are great for adults.”

He continued, “Aligners are custom-made and offer more comfort than traditional braces. They are worn consistently, with the exception of eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. It’s been a great tool throughout the years and definitely, they help our patients feel less self-conscious about the process.”

“The process,” said Dr. Chermak, “is like anything worthwhile—a process. Unfortunately, through social media, we’ve seen some extreme risks being handled with dental care. Earlier in 2020, “would be” orthodontic patients took it upon themselves to file their own teeth on TikTok videos. I confidently state, on behalf of orthodontists everywhere—please don’t. This ‘trend’ is so dangerous. We could hardly believe it when we saw it. There is a time and a place for DIY, but your mouth is not it!”

He continued to explain, “We have gone to school for years—beyond traditional dental school, orthodontics requires an additional three years of education. These kinds of extreme DIY attempts at dental work can have catastrophic effects on the structure of the mouth. Beyond the risk of bacteria from instruments that have not been properly disinfected, damage done to the enamel of your teeth is irreversible. There is risk of infection and permanent damage that would cost thousands to repair. It shortens the lifespan of the tooth and compromises the mouth’s overall health.”

According to Dr. Chermak, “True orthodontic work requires molds, X-rays, and a full examination by a professional. No two mouths are the same; each is uniquely shaped and has its own unique set of challenges. And as teeth shift for various reasons, people experience bone loss. There is no overnight fix, but the results are worth the time and the patience invested in the process.”

It’s also an evolving process. “Orthodontics is an amazing field,” said Dr. Chermak. “In our practice, we utilize the latest technology and skills that will enable us to keep offering the very best to our patients. However, what never changes in our office is our commitment to service, excellence, and integrity. This is a very relationally-based field of medicine. We know and care about our patients. We know them as people and treat them with kindness and dignity, respecting that the work we do is designed to help improve their lives.”

At Chermak & Hanson, the initial consultation is always free. “We want to start with a meet and greet, and gain an understanding of our patients’ unique needs and challenges. Together, we review the options, including how insurance is handled. We discuss the commitment involved by both the patient and by us as the doctors. We use this initial consultation as a way to lay the groundwork for what is truly a partnership. Anyone who wants to meet with us can call the office to schedule an appointment; they don’t even need a referral. We have three offices that we rotate through to make sure we are conveniently located for our patients.”

Beyond the doctors, Dr. Hanson shared, “We have an amazing staff. Our team truly cares about the patients we treat!  We look for ways to make others feel comfortable and offer true hospitality. We don’t want anyone to feel nervous about coming to our offices! We have patients that stop by years after having their braces removed just to chat; this tells us that it’s about more than just teeth.”

Chermak & Hanson has three convenient locations – 1564 N. Peacehaven Rd., Winston-Salem, 336-760-1491; 3742 Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, 336-766-8244; and 524 S. Main St., King, 336-983-4551. Visit them online at


“We would be remiss not to address the COVID-related concerns our patients have,” said Dr. Hanson. “Our staff has always taken pride in ensuring our offices were clean, with sanitation and sterilization practices as a priority in our business. But with COVID-19, we have evaluated and made adjustments that make sense for the safety of our staff and patients in our office.

However, what hasn’t changed—and what won’t change –is our complete commitment to service and excellence.

Even with additional steps for safety, we continue to offer extraordinary care to our extraordinary patients.”


“Our patients have been so generous with their reviews over the years,” said Dr. Hanson. “We appreciate their vote of confidence and willingness to share their great feedback with others!”

“We are just getting started in our orthodontics but we’ve been seeing them for about two years now. I like how they take their time and don’t just jump in for braces immediately. They are honest and we have been very happy we chose Chermak & Hanson for our daughter’s orthodontist.” ~Donna C.

“Absolutely love this place and all the staff. They are very friendly and compassionate, especially if you have a child with a high anxiety level. They also have been very safe and friendly through the COVID pandemic to accommodate in such trying times.” ~Chrissy W.

“This place is the best around!!  The staff is super nice and friendly. Highly recommend them!!” ~Amy M.

“We live in Atlanta, and our son was away at camp in Winston-Salem. During the course of 48 hours he had four brackets come off. He was very uncomfortable and needed orthodontic care. I called Dr. Hanson on his emergency line on a Sunday and he said he would work him in first thing Monday morning. He called immediately after the visit to give me a detailed synopsis of what he did. Wow! Thank you, Dr. Hanson!” ~DeLancy H.

“Great service & staff, really care about their patients. I’m on my third child with braces and I wouldn’t trust anyone else!” ~Patricia G.



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