Chermak & Hanson Orthodontics Cutting-edge Technology, Still with Family Values

With a trio of flourishing practices serving the Piedmont area, Chermak & Hanson Orthodontics combines all the latest techniques and skills in orthodontia with a sincere dedication to families in those communities. Knowing their patients deserve the very best, Dr. David Chermak and Dr. John Hanson stay up-to-date on the best and brightest solutions for, of course, the best and brightest smiles!

“The new generation of patients is looking for excellent results in less time, with more comfort and fewer adjustment visits,” says Dr. Hanson “With my background as a mechanical engineer, I have always been interested in the cutting-edge science of things.”

The two took over the services of Dr. McLain and Dr. Steedle in 2003, continuing a practice that has been around for over 30 years. The name is different, but the dedication is the same. They have been leading the way to incorporate brand-new technology in order to provide exactly those things their patients expect.

“From the beginning of our partnership we have focused on using modern technology to better treat our patients, while being careful not to lose those ‘old-fashioned’ traits like integrity, customer service, community service, and relationship building,” explained Dr. Chermak.

The last 25 years have seen tremendous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion and facial imbalance, and the team has incorporated all of those into the impeccable service they provide their patients. “Several of the latest innovations in orthodontics we have integrated into our practice include self-ligating (frictionless) brackets and ‘superelastic’ wires that allow patients to be treated with very little discomfort, and in fewer visits. This has lowered the possibility that permanent teeth need to be removed,” emphasized Dr. Hanson. “Appliances that help the jaw grow in the right direction have taken the place of the old headgear and have also reduced the need for extraction of permanent teeth or jaw surgery.”

Phase I treatment, when necessary in a younger child, allows patients to avoid the damage or impaction of teeth and jaw surgery if left until late adolescence. Digital radiographs are more detailed, with one-tenth the radiation of old film radiographs, and retainers are the ‘Invisalign’ type which hold teeth better and are significantly more comfortable to wear. Besides the GAC self-ligating bracket which has the properties stated above, the team also uses ceramic or ‘clear’ brackets when there is an esthetic concern, and ‘Invisalign’ when indicated.

Keeping the process smooth and comfortable is important at Chermak & Hanson, beginning with a complimentary examination to express your concerns about your orthodontic journey, along with a complimentary insurance review at your initial exam. No referral is needed to make an appointment, and patients include children, teenagers, and adults. (They also offer an in-office zero interest payment plan.)

Dr. Chermak and Dr. Hanson realize that choosing them for your orthodontic needs is a commitment, and it’s a commitment they do not take lightly.  “You are a person in our practice, not a set of teeth,” declared Dr. Hanson.  “We strive to build the relationship between doctor, the clinical and front desk teams, and the patient.  When working together in a synergistic manner, the results can be amazing! Patients come back years after their braces have been removed just to chat, as they would with family or old friends.  This is our greatest achievement.”

They often interact with former patients as they continue to be involved with local youth sports, local theatre and arts programs, and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Catholic Charities, Samaritan’s Purse, and Habitat for Humanity. “These activities keep us focused and aware of being committed to a life of service both inside our four walls here at the practice, and well beyond,” smiles Dr. Chermak.

Chermak & Hanson offers three offices, conveniently located at 1564 N. Peacehaven Rd., Winston-Salem, 336-760-1491; 3742 Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, 336-766-8244; and 524 S. Main St., King, 336-983-4551. Visit them online at, and reach out today to start your journey to an even more beautiful smile!


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