Mother, the Heart of Learning


A mother becomes the heart of learning for her child. Mother is the first teacher. She by nature instills within her child the power of learning. One may ask, how does this happen? As both a counselor and educator over the years, I have experienced the reality and power of learning as a natural endowment in small children.

Children in preschool and early elementary school naturally love to learn.  They see learning experiences as fun, and through the natural motivation of play, they can take on any learning experience. They feel no hesitation or fear, no matter what the task given to them by their teacher or parent.

Children, as with all humankind, are endowed with the spark and power of creativity. In reality, creativity is the very reflection of the image of God. That is, in the beginning, so states the Genesis 1 account, God creates being on the very first day, beginning with the heavens and the earth. Thus, through looking at humankind over the centuries, we see that they, too, have created through art, architecture, science, inventing, music, and literature, for example. Likewise, this God-like power is naturally and freely displayed in the living energies of children.

In reality, this way of learning in children is manifested in the inner person of children. This person or self, if you will, is the little child that is to remain in us and grow with us in the experience of living. Hence, learning must be fostered by counseling and education that is conducive to the tender self of children. Such curriculum must roll with children, ever stimulating and motivating their creative energies.

In all, the curriculum provides learning experiences related to varied subject matters, while counseling assists teaching in personalizing the learning experience of knowledge.   Together, teaching and counseling mold the developing personality of the true and creative self in maturing and growing children.

In essence, the power of creative curriculum and counseling remains connected to the mothers of children. For this reason, the source of the true self and creative power of children exudes from the heart of mom. In bearing and birthing her child and while caressing the precious gift at her bosom, mom transmits God-like creative energy into the heart of the child.

From mother, the child acquires language, and with language comes every creative thought, concept, and emotion. Furthermore, the amazing part of this is summed up in the uniqueness of the creative personality of every child. But, even exceeding this wonderful reality, and yet fundamental to its life, is the reality of love.

In fact, a mother from the beginning of conception teaches her child to love through the love that she gives to this new and budding person.  Essentially, the mother, through loving, is teaching love, while also fostering creative learning through play in her child. Furthermore, true creative learning involves the power to love the objects and experience of learning. Hence, this natural endowment of children is due to the reality that mom has conveyed to them in the power of love for all things. That is, no division exists between children and the objects of their experiential and creative learning.

In all, a mother must never be left out of the equation of curriculum and counseling, of teaching and learning, as she provides the channel through which children may foster their true creative energies on into adulthood.


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