Cannon Wealth Management: An Uncommon Approach to Money Management

A breeze offered relief from the intense summer sun, and for a moment, Ginny lifted her face toward the light and simply smiled. Her daughters laid nearby, reading books while their husbands took turns chasing a frisbee down the beach. She listened to the magical sound of her grandchildren’s laughter as they played in the sand, and at that moment – she was reminded that every cent she saved and spent on the annual family beach trip was worth it. These were priceless memories. Soon, stomachs would start to rumble with hunger. After shaking sand from blankets, they would make their way back to the rented beach house – the house that felt like a second home given that it was their 14th straight summer renting it. It was a tradition now. A tradition that Ginny hoped would live beyond her. And, she hoped her family understood that even though there were sacrifices to make this trip happen – it was a worthy investment. They were a worthy investment. But, for now, everyone was together. Happy and content, Ginny got up and joined the children. She smiled as she said, “Let’s build a sandcastle!”

 Stories like Ginny’s aren’t common. But many want to do as she does. Save each year and pay for a week-long vacation for their family. A chance for everyone to unwind and reconnect. “Our clients dream of doing things like this for their families,” said Chip Wilcox. “It’s our job to ensure that it’s possible and help our clients work towards their goals.”

Chip is part of the Cannon Wealth Management team, and together with Matt Hearn, Joey Perkins, Cindy Edwards, Carol Uselman and Barry Amburn, these financial advisors, along with their support staff that includes Kimberly Stone and Melissa Schoon – have a dynamic and experienced approach to wealth management. “Our customers aren’t about dollar signs to us,” Barry Amburn explained. “We spend time getting to know our clients. We know what they do for a living and about their goals and dreams. We know what drives them and motivates them. We go beyond simple monetary goals for retirement because we know that experiences are what matters most to them. After all, who loses a loved one and reminisces over their loved one’s investment portfolio?”

Obviously, financial investing is important. It’s wise and prudent to be prepared for the future. However, Cannon Wealth Management isn’t just about investment portfolios. “We take a team approach with our clients, so we all have a vested interest in their success,” explained Matt Hearn. “We also offer a comprehensive financial menu of services that includes investments, risk management, tax planning, cash flow management, retirement planning and estate planning. We have the in-house expertise to make sure all our clients, including clients like Ginny, have a sound plan in place when retirement rolls around, but also – so they can enjoy the hard-earned fruits of their labor – and plan those annual family trips.”

Cindy Edwards agreed. “We have families of our own. We’re numbers people, sure. But we genuinely care. We treat our clients as we would want someone to treat our loved ones, and we take great joy in seeing our clients confidently pursuing their financial goals. Still, though, we encourage our clients to find a balance. In the process of saving for retirement, we don’t want them to forget to live for today.”

As part of Cannon Wealth Management’s ongoing interests for their clients, they provide monthly educational webinars to help guide financial decisions. “Method to My Money” takes place on the second Tuesday of each month and targets various financial topics, including financial organization tips, tax-savings strategies and planning for emergencies. Additionally, Cannon Wealth Management offers a “financial bootcamp” designed to help individuals and families pay off debt, build up an emergency fund, implement a financial plan based on their goals and generally work towards getting their “financial houses in order.”

“We continue to look for innovative solutions for our clients, as well as ways we can encourage them,” said Joey Perkins. “We hear stories from those who think it’s too late to start investing. Obviously, it’s better to start sooner than later, but there’s still no time like the present. We love the people in this community, and it’s our great privilege to serve them, help them navigate a financial journey, and still hear all about the plans for the next annual family vacation.”

Cannon Wealth Management is located at 2160 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.231.6844, or visit Be sure to like their page on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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