Piedmont Sheet Metal The People behind the Company Make All the Difference

You’ve heard the saying, “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” Whether the interaction is in-person or over the phone, the initial impression can set the tone for the entire customer experience. Piedmont Sheet Metal, PSM, founded in 1928, is well-known for its expert and knowledgable installation of HVAC systems, but long before a customer is enjoying their heating and air conditioning system, those employees who interact with the customers, scheduling estimates and addressing any concerns, set up the whole customer-business relationship. At Piedmont Sheet Metal, those working on the inside are there, every day, for customers, before, during, and after installation.

Connie Cook Miller 

Connie is part of the second generation of the Cook family to work at Piedmont Sheet Metal. “Officially, I have been at PSM for 43 years, not counting coming in and cleaning the office and bathrooms as a child. My dad, Bill Cook, is the owner of PSM and has worked here for 74 years this June. Dad, 90 now, still comes in every morning to make sure we all show up, and he makes coffee for the office staff. As General Manager & Corporate Secretary, I do everything from quenching fires to taking out the trash, with everything in-between. Even with all this past year had in store, at PSM, we kept to our focus of ‘Our customers’ comfort is our mission.’ We have always viewed every employee and customer as family, and we treat each one like we would want to be treated. Currently, we have 43 employees; the breakdown for years of service is quite impressive, ranging from being with the company from 49 years to 1 year of service. Not many businesses have that kind of loyalty. We have also been blessed to serve generations of customers, because we work diligently to be the best in our field and are very appreciative to our customers,” said Connie.

Keith Cook

Another member of the Cook family is Keith, whose father, Ted, is one of the original owners of PSM. “I began working here right out of high school in 1989, starting from the ground and learned the business hands-on. I remember my first year, I didn’t do anything but pick up trash and clean the shop, moving on from there. For years I worked on the road, but now I am in the office working as the Dispatcher for the Residential Service Department. We have a great team in the office with good work ethic and communication skills, all working to give our customers the best experience. With the challenges of 2020, we may have changed a few things, but we get the customer taken care of and they know we can be trusted to do what we promise,” Keith commented.

Marsha McCann

Joining PSM 13 years ago, Marsha echoes the feeling of family from everyone. “I am the Commercial Service Coordinator and love the variety of this position; I handle the scheduling, dispatch, billing as well as other responsibilities in my role. From my first day here, I felt like family and that has never changed. The Cook family strives to make us all feel like family, and we in turn extend that feeling to our customers, which makes a difference. I am very fortunate to have the co-workers I have, both in the office and the service technicians. They are great people and make working at PSM very rewarding,” stated Marsha.

Karissa McCann

Karissa joined her mom, Marsha, eight years ago at PSM. “I’ve been a part of the PSM family a good while, since my dad used to work here and my mom still does. I work primarily within the install department, both residential and commercial. PSM allows us to grow, learn, and create in our roles, and the girls in the office are good friends, spending time together outside of work. Our customers see us just like we see them, as part of the family and they will call and maybe need someone to listen, pray with them or for them, or encourage them during a trying time, like illness. It’s all about caring and letting our customers know we are here for them,” Karissa commented.

Tara Thompson

After being in a completely different field of work, Tara joined PSM four years ago. “My mother-in-law, Connie Cook Miller, is preparing for retirement and I am trying to absorb every bit of information from her in an effort to continue her work as seamlessly as possible. Having the opportunity to work for my husband’s family has been rewarding and I look forward to being a part of continuing the Cooks’ family values within the community. No matter if your name is Cook or not, we are one family at PSM. Throughout the course of our workdays, we all wear different hats and support each other as we take care of our customers’ needs,” Tara said.

Brittney Calcutt

“As the Planned Service Coordinator, I work with our customers who have annual/biannual maintenance agreements to get them scheduled and serviced in a timely manner. I also work in the Service Department, taking calls for customers that are having issues with their systems. Although I’ve only been here three years, I truly love the family environment of the company and how down-to-earth the company is. In my role, I get to develop personal relationships with our customers and hear all about their lives. After 93 years in business, you hear about the generations of families that PSM has helped over the years and there’s nothing like that experience,” commented Brittney.

Marcie Pierce Cook

Marcie married Keith in 1991, but didn’t join the family business until this past summer after her job was downsized due to the covid situation. “Coming from years in the corporate world, it’s nice to be a part of something where customer service is still the priority and that fosters an understanding that we provide an essential need to the community. I work in the residential service department, inventory control, and tracking. It’s a blessing to be part of a family business with Christian values and pride in the service we provide. At PSM, we have the ability to make a difference and send our family attitude throughout the community,” Marcie stated.


I have been here for 3 years.  I’m in charge of welcoming everyone and lifting spirits.  I get paid in treats and plenty of belly rubs.

Piedmont Sheet Metal is located at 801 N. Broad Street, Winston-Salem. For more information or for a consultation, visit www.piedmontsm.com, or call 336-724-7439.



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