C3 Fitness Adds New Program to Help Parkinson’s Patients

There’s something new happening at C3 Fitness in Clemmons. Owner Kelly Lewis has recently added an exciting new program to her gym and personal training studio. At the end of 2017, Lewis first learned about Rock Steady Boxing, a training program for Parkinson’s patients.

“C3 Fitness has been around for six years and has been doing individual, partner and small group personal training,” said Kelly. “Adding Rock Steady Boxing was something I hadn’t planned on doing. I was plugging along, and things were going great, but I began to feel as if it was time to add something onto C3 Fitness to grow more. I didn’t seek this program out. Instead, an acquaintance asked if I had heard of it before. Her mother lived in Greenville, South Carolina, and she wanted her to move here. However, she wouldn’t come without there being a facility that provided Rock Steady Boxing.”

Having a personal connection with the disease due to her father suffering from Parkinson’s, Kelly decided to learn more. In December 2017, she traveled to Indianapolis to get certified and began holding classes for Parkinson’s boxers in January.

“It was an amazing and unreal experience in Indianapolis learning about this international program,” said Kelly. “When I came back, I had most of the equipment that was needed, except the heavy bags and speed bags. A month later, I stated classes with three boxers, and now the classes have grown to 20 boxers in fewer than three months.”

The mission behind Rock Steady Boxing is to help slow the progression of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through various exercises, while also improving a person’s strength, balance and flexibility.

“The exercises work on a person’s hand and eye coordination. There are many, many exercises from punching the bags to stacking metal washers,” said Kelly.

Some of the recent boxers were referred to C3 Fitness by neurologists. However, most of the boxers discovered Kelly through word of mouth or from the Rock Steady Boxing directory. There are four levels of classes, and each class is based on the level of how far the boxers have progressed with their Parkinson’s. However, there is a mixture of levels within the individual classes.

“All boxers will first have an assessment to see how far along they are with the disease and for me to get a better understanding of their unique needs,” said Kelly. “Also, this lets me see their balance and fall risk. Then, they are put into a class, where we work on stretches and mobility.”

Currently, C3 Fitness offers three classes for boxers. Most of the classes meet two times a week, but there are options for classes to meet three times a week. Levels three and four are mainly for the more advanced Parkinson’s boxers. Kelly requests each of the levels three and four boxers to have a corner-man attend with them. The corner-man is usually a caregiver, spouse or relative that provides the boxer hands-on help with the workouts.

“For any exercise, I can help modify it for the individual boxer,” said Kelly. “All classes are open to people within all ages and stages. Parkinson’s is a disease that affects people who are in their 20s, with early on-sets to people who are in their 80s. I’ve had a boxer who has been in a wheelchair for 20 years.”

For all levels, Kelly has volunteer assistance in each class. The volunteers help with tasks, such as passing out water and helping with gloves. Also, a volunteer’s job includes timing circuits in the various workout rounds.

“I’m always looking for volunteers who are at least 18 years old,” said Kelly. “To be a volunteer, they have to attend a volunteer training. I try to have at least two volunteers for every eight boxers.”

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kelly at 336.403.0285 or Kelly@c3fitnessnc.com.

C3 Fitness’ Rock Steady Boxing program provides more than just a workout for the boxers. It helps them build a better quality of life.

“Having the classes in a non-clinical setting allows for boxers to have fun and regain a sense of control,” said Kelly. “It gives them a chance to fight the disease back.”

C3 Fitness is located at 2500 Neudorf Road, Suite A in Clemmons. Call 336.403.0285, or visit www.c3fitnessnc.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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