3 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects Just for You

Every now and then, a change can be nice. It could be a change in scenery, color, or something else. When spring comes each year, it’s a time for renewal and fresh starts in your life. It can be the perfect time for a change. 

This can also be true for your home. Every so often, you may feel as if your home needs a sprucing up. A new color on your kitchen wall, new accessories in your living room, or a new headboard in your bedroom. Dollar signs may be flashing in your head while reading and thinking about these home improvement projects. You may also be thinking about the amount of work these activities might take. No need to worry, you don’t have to be a Chip or Joanna Gaines or have a show on HGTV to complete DIY projects in your home with a low budget and no outside help. Here are three easy DIY projects for your home that are quick and simple, and satisfy the yearning for a change in your home. 

Metallic Rope Throw Basket – This rope throw basket is the perfect accessory for your living room, family room, bedroom, or any space where you may need extra storage. 


  • Round laundry basket 
  • 1 jar metallic paint (color of your choosing)
  • 50 feet of ½” jute rope 
  • 1 yard felt fleece or muslin
  • Hot glue gun
  • Utility knife
  • Paintbrush 


  1. Using the utility knife, cut off the rim and handles of the laundry basket. 
  2. Flip the laundry basket upside down and, starting at the basket’s base, attach the felt up the sides of the basket using the hot glue gun. Leave the base alone. Fold and glue down pleats around the basket. Cut off any excess material around the sides of the basket. Make sure to glue the seam up to the top of the basket. Don’t cut off the felt at the top—this will come in handy later. Fold the excess material at the top into the basket, lining the inside of the basket. 
  3. Beginning at the base, glue the rope around the entire basket, stopping when the rope is at the top of the basket. 
  4. Lastly, use metallic paint to cover the rope outside the basket. The rope may take a few coats to absorb the color. You can also create an ombre design or any design you wish to add more of a personalized touch to the basket. 

Rustic Shutter Bench – Extra seating is a quick fix with this movable antique-style bench. 


  • Antique shutter
  • Baseboard the same length as the shutter
  • 6 wooden table legs
  • 6 leg anchors
  • Table saw 
  • Staple gun
  • Any color of paint 
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Measure the dimensions of the shutter and then cut the baseboard a tad shorter than the shutter. For example, if the shutter measures 14⅝” by 66¼”, cut the baseboard to 12″ by 66″. 
  2. Using the table saw, cut out a slot in the baseboard for the shutter pull to rest inside. Lay the shutter pull face down and cut a notch big enough for the shutter to sit flat against the baseboard.
  3. Next, place two straight leg anchor plates at the bottom center and one leg at each of the four corners on the baseboard. Install using the proper fixtures, then put in the legs. 
  4. Paint the baseboard, now with the legs, and the shutter separately. 
  5. Once dry, place the shutter on top of the baseboard. Using the staple gun, secure the shutter in place. 

Farmhouse Shelves from Unfinished Wood – These shelves are simple to make and can be created for any size of space. Also, they can be made with a distressed look. 


  • Unfinished corbels (also known as shelf brackets)
  • Wood finish stain
  • Foam brush
  • Petroleum jelly/Vaseline
  • Chalk paint powder 
  • Any paint color 
  • Wax to seal
  • Paint and wax brushes
  • Sander


  1. With the foam brush, stain the unfinished corbels. Only stain the edges and corners to help with the distressed look. 
  2. Once dry, use your finger to rub some of the petroleum jelly on the unpainted spots. This creates a barrier to preserve the deep color from Step 3, below.  
  3. Mix together the chalk paint powder and your paint color. Cover all areas of the corbel including the areas with the petroleum jelly.
  4.  Power sand the edges of the corbel once the paint is dry to create a further distressed look. The power sander allows for the dark stain to show through the paint. 
  5. Lastly, apply the wax seal to the corbel for extra protection. 

There are many more easy DIY home decor projects available. A quick search on the Internet will provide a plethora of ideas. Don’t know where to begin? These three are a good start. Happy decorating!


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