Instill a Love of Reading

All the skills of educational development begin with reading. whether it is reading directions, for information or pleasure.  When children are asked why they love to read, the answer often is connected to a beloved book or attained through someone’s passion for the story.  As a parent, you may recall your own fictitious friends who […]

There are two things that a woman can’t do without…a good friend and a talented hair stylist who knows exactly what you want. In many instances, your hair stylist can become a dear friend, because there’s a special bond that occurs during a successful hairdo. For almost 18 years, Sharon Hunley and Jennifer Gordon, both […]

From The Book Shelf: Empathy

Each month I spotlight two books guaranteed to delight readers and provide fun activities to further extend the meaning of each reading experience. With so many wonderful titles available, this is no easy task! I bring a 35-year teaching career, literacy expertise, and a passion for creating joyful readers and writers to every column I write. I […]

From the Heart: July 2018

Handy & Handy Orthodontics is our cover story this month.  Dr. Gordon Handy and his wife Holly share their very personal story of their baby daughter Marie Claire.  At their office photoshoot, Dr. Gordon shared a very positive report from the doctor that the tumor has shrunk and feels good that it will shrink to […]

Learning About Our Backyard Creatures

Through the eyes of a child, the outdoors is a mesmerizing world of fluttering, crawling, and walking insects and animals.  The temptation for a small hand to reach out and capture or touch is not just a strong impulse, but an action.  These are, indeed, opportunities to offer a teachable moment. Beyond the walks and strolls […]

Ah! A Day at the Beach!

What’s something you’ve longed for, even dreamed of, all during the cold, cold winter?  Easy answer! The beach—sun on your face, sand under your feet, and the sound of waves rolling onto the shoreline.  Okay, the time has arrived!  It’s time to pack up for a day on the beach!  Let’s get ready! First things first, […]

Great Amendments to Soil

Whenever the blade of the gardener’s shovel is pressed down into the ground, the gardener’s hope is that the shovel’s steel reveals a beautiful coloring of soil, mixed with a few earthworms.  We are not all that fortunate to find property which such enriched and well-nurtured soil.  It is our task to improve the conditions […]

Playing With Your Food: Summer Fun with Kids in the Kitchen

On a rainy summer day or a too-hot-to-play-outside afternoon, why not cook up some fun with your kids in the kitchen? Each recipe below uses ingredients that you may already have on hand. So, find an apron for each of your budding chefs, and go stir up some fun together!  TAIL WAGGERS Since I don’t […]

Cold Versus Hot

Accidents occur just as quickly as swift action is required.  As parents know, one of the simplest applications for the inflammation and swelling of a pulled muscle is an ice pack or a warm compress.  The difficulty lies in knowing which situation calls for cold or hot, or a combination of both. Cold When injuries […]

Must-Have Ideas for Your Patriotic Festivities

The Fourth of July is commonly associated with fireworks, barbeques, and parties. Planning events, especially for holidays, is one of my favorite things to do. If you are hosting a patriotic get-together that is going to be all red, white, and blue for July 4th, I’ve got some ideas you don’t want to miss. Decorations: […]

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