From the Heart: July 2018

Handy & Handy Orthodontics is our cover story this month.  Dr. Gordon Handy and his wife Holly share their very personal story of their baby daughter Marie Claire.  At their office photoshoot, Dr. Gordon shared a very positive report from the doctor that the tumor has shrunk and feels good that it will shrink to a very small benign mass.  God surely has his hand on their family as they face this health crisis.

Having recently battled breast cancer myself I know full well the angst that comes with a diagnosis of the “C” word but that could never compare with hearing the words that your child is sick with cancer. As parents we try to protect our children from every possible harm but this is one harm out of our control. Let’s cover this family with prayers for continued healing and encircle them with love during this difficult time.

Summer should be in full swing by now.  Picnics, outdoor concerts, swimming pools and 4thof July fireworks will soon light up the nighttime sky!  It took its sweet time getting here this year but it’s already zipping by at lightning speed so I’m trying my best to soak up every single moment of it I can!

As I write this, we are traveling back from a wonderful visit with our daughter who is in grad school at ECU.  I had the bright idea to power wash and stain her fence on Father’s Day weekend.  Yes, I know, crazy and I feel sure my husband won’t let me live that down for awhile! That’s the hardest I’ve worked for two solid days in a very long time but the finished project was very gratifying and will hopefully preserve the fence from harsh Greenville summers!

Many thanks to my brother for the use of his power washer!  Oh and by the way, don’t trust those paint cans estimation on coverage.  According to the instructions we needed three cans. Ten cans later, it was done! We’re tackling several projects around the house this summer at the Bralley house but squeezing in lots of fun as well.  I hope you have a fun summer planned for your family. If you’re still looking for summer camps, check out Camp Winshape on page 22 and a multitude of camps can be found online in our Summer Camp Showcase March thru May issues.

As always, thank you to our advertisers for your support and to our faithful readers!  Happy 4thy’all!




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