Instill a Love of Reading

All the skills of educational development begin with reading. whether it is reading directions, for information or pleasure.  When children are asked why they love to read, the answer often is connected to a beloved book or attained through someone’s passion for the story.  As a parent, you may recall your own fictitious friends who influenced your travels through space or to distant lands, such as the Hundred Acre Wood, Narnia, or Oz.  If you need more pizazz to encourage a love of reading, try the following suggestions!

Location is Important! 

Perhaps lying on the living room couch or snuggling in bed require a new placement of open flaps and an outdoorsy feel.  Why not build a fort comprising the dining room table and a large quilt, or a tent set up in the back yard, brightened by lantern light? Even congregating on the front porch swing can be a place to start a daily tradition of fictitious sword fights or high adventure.   A secret or new location to read may set the tone for togetherness, or for a child’s quiet time.

Weekly Library Trips

Your local library cannot only supply every age of the family with great books, but also offer wonderful activities that span from movie nights to a science-themed afternoon. Even today, it is not too late to become active. Introduce yourself to the librarian. He or she will be glad to see your faces enter through the doors and may glean your family’s interests to recommend a list of beloved and kid-approved titles.

A New Language

Summer presents many opportunities to travel here and there. Playing a game may occupy a certain portion of time; yet, if your family is ready to learn a new language, please consider sign language.  Fingerspelling license plate letters can help instill a rapid feel for the alphabet while one is also practicing spelling.  Young children to adults will thoroughly enjoy learning animal signs before moving on to other areas, such as adjectives and verbs.  This one activity may keep the family attentive and quiet for surprising periods of time.


One of the greatest features of audiobooks is that they can easily be downloaded onto any device.  Children can take advantage of listening to stories up to two years above their reading level, bearing in mind that the book’s themes are age- appropriate. Connected to the skill of reading is listening and following along.  Whether the entire family is listening to the same book or it is only played for one person, imagination is needed to follow the array of characters through various problems and outcomes.  If there is a book your child has been wanting to read, listening to it may be a rewarding option.  Audiobooks also help readers develop an interest in a story.  Check your local library for a list of titles or download audiobooks online for free.  Auditory learners may relish this wonderful means of reading!  No excuses for those procrastinating on starting their summer reading assignments!

Science Experiments

From your local library, check out a book full of science experiments. They are presented in procedural step-by-step instructions.  Not only can children improve their ability to follow instructions, but also expand their understanding of safe chemicals and chemical reactions, liquids, motion, air, magnets, and homemade flying gadgets.  Children can write down or verbalize why particular experiments worked or how a change could improve the outcome.


Reading isn’t always connected to a fictitious story.  Children who do not know what to read can learn about their interests, such as Ancient Egypt or the Civil War, Leonardo da Vinci or Cleopatra. Once additional facts are learned, children may discover that the genre of historical or realistic fiction can further their knowledge of a time or event through a story.

Tip:  First through fourth graders may enjoy the Magic Tree House series and the Fast Tracker books.

Reading the Lyrics

Have a vocalist in the house?  Google the name of the song and the word “lyrics.”  Children of all ages can enjoy the simple pleasure of singing and reading along to their favorite songs.

Creative ways to read for content and pleasure, or learning how to listen, can be experienced in the low-key days of summer.  With a pocket full of ideas, your family can enjoy reading while on the road or enjoying the day in the hammock, on the front porch, or in a well-designed fort.



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