Ah! A Day at the Beach!

What’s something you’ve longed for, even dreamed of, all during the cold, cold winter?  Easy answer! The beach—sun on your face, sand under your feet, and the sound of waves rolling onto the shoreline.  Okay, the time has arrived!  It’s time to pack up for a day on the beach!  Let’s get ready!

First things first, try on your bathing suit to see if it still fits, because let’s face it; no one enjoys shopping for swimwear.  Okay, it fits.  Good news. Find a cover-up.  Good, still on track.  Now, pick something to put on after your day at the beach, so you don’t get sand all over the car seat.  Wow, you really are an optimist, aren’t you?

Next, dig out your beach bag from the bottom recesses of the closet and empty the stuff you forgot about last summer when you got home.  Take it outside for a good shaking to get rid of the end of last year’s sand.  Now then, fold your favorite beach towel into as small a shape as you can muster—given the fact that its terrycloth, good luck with that.  Add sunscreen for your face, the spray sunscreen for everywhere else, the bug bite spray (just in case), a small first-aid kit that hopefully you won’t need, and flip-flops for walking on the hot sand.  Don’t forget the end-of-day outfit.  And, don’t forget your sunglasses and hat.

Now then, add a paperback for when you get tired of people watching.  You’ll want some exercise, so don’t forget a Frisbee and a beach ball on which you’ll expend what seems like your last ounce of air blowing up.

Grab your folding beach chair.  And that umbrella with the sand excavation tool, so it gets anchored in the sand better than last year.  You don’t want to have to chase it down…not again.

What are you forgetting?  Food, you forgot food.  Nothing like a day at the beach to whet your appetite!  Find the cooler and wipe it out.  Empty all the freezer ice into it.  Get a few bottles of water, make a couple of sandwiches, grab a few apples or oranges, some chips, or maybe some deli food.  No chocolate—yuck, what a mess that was last year, a big gooey blob. A couple of paper plates and napkins and you’re good to go.

Got all that!  Great! Haul all that stuff to the car, and off you go.  Let’s hope you can get it all to the car in one trip ’cause you’ll have to lug it all from the car to your spot on the beach.  Now is the time to rethink all the things you’ve packed to see if any can be left behind.  No. Okay, moving on.

You’ve arrived.  You’ve seen glimpses of the ocean for the last 30 minutes and can smell that sea air! There’s nothing like it, right? Park the car and get everything ready for the trek to find the perfect spot for the day.  Luckily you got an early start, and there’s not a crowd yet. You find a spot in the vicinity of the lifeguard’s chair with an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Let the unpacking begin.  Put up the umbrella.  Check with the lifeguard to be sure you won’t have to move it later to make way for his umbrellas.  Now, it occurs to you that you could have just rented one from him.  Oh, well.  You’re here and so is it.  Get that anchor dug out and the umbrella up.

Get your beach chair set in the sand and drape your beach towel over it.  Get the cooler and bag nestled under the umbrella. Break out that sunscreen and lather up.

Finally!!  You’re at the beach; you’re settled in for a day of relaxation.  What was that?  It felt like a raindrop!!  Are you kidding?  NO!! Remain calm.  It’s just a shower, not a storm.  After all, you were planning to get in the ocean at some point. Water is water.  Relax, read your book, have a sandwich.

Remember last winter and how you longed for a day in the sun?  Have FUN!



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